In addition to finding and capturing pokemon through Pokéstops and other aspects in PokémonGo, the combat system is also a major feature. Joining PokémonGo Gyms and fighting and training in the gym is something players must understand.

You can join any empty stadium at any time, but the gym only has 6 seats, and you can only join up to 20 stadiums at a time. Even if you have a lot of pokemon, you can't occupy multiple stadiums. Secondly, because each gymnasium can only put 6 kinds of pokemon, which means you can only add your Blissey to gyms that currently do not have Blissey. The order of entry and exit will be determined according to your joining order. They can be found on your map view.

The Motivation of the Pokémon in the stadium will continue to decrease. After entering the stadium, pay attention to feeding the pokemon. To prevent the loss of 3 Pokémon from being kicked out of the stadium, pay special attention to the pokemon with high CP, which decays faster. Then you can attack nearby opponents by yourself or with your teammates. As long as the opponent's pokemon is defeated, he will lose Motivation and CP. When the values ​​of both become zero, you or your team can take over the stadium because the opponent will be kicked out of the stadium.

What attracts players to the stadium is that there are many rewards. Within 30 minutes, you can feed up to 10 Pokémon and up to 10 berries. Each time you will get 20XP and 20 stars, and occasionally you will get the exclusive candy of the pokemon. When the Pokémon is in the gym, one Pokémon coin can be accumulated every 10 minutes, and 50 coins can be obtained every day. By spinning the disc in the gym, you can get 2-4 props each time. On certain days, when your first exercise, you can also get a free Raid Pass for that day.

Every stadium you've visited will award a badge. You can get points and medals for exercise and raids in the gym. A bronze medal requires 500 points, a silver medal requires 4000 points, and a gold medal requires 30,000 points. It is relatively slow to get stars by going to the gymnasium and feeding berries every day. Fighting and completing tasks or going to to buy Shiny Pokemon is what you should do to get Shiny Pokemon