One of the biggest e-sports events in World of Warcraft is Blizzard's Mythic Dungeon International. Currently, the latest game is underway. Today, the first World of Warcraft Shadowlands Cup ended.

The first players are here to discuss the first cup championship. The team now sees a more interesting and effective strategy, and players are also using this strategy in various ways.

Currently, this is one of the competing teams in the current MDI. In the fog of Tirna Scithe dungeon, an interesting strategy is shown for players. A priest is needed to complete this strategy. You need to make sure to Buy WOW Classic Gold bring the correct composition if you decide to do so.

Jeath used the WOW Classic Gold spirit of genius in the duel with Golden Guardians. Priests can control their own characters, and players can also use Mind Control. This is a Control Undead ability similar to the death knight.

Maloch can increase his damage by 360% when using this strategy. Players can burn the boss in the process. In the time of the highest DPS, this is a huge bonus.

In the burning phase, this strategy is most useful in countering Maloch's increase. But he cannot be used against other mobs. During the intensive week, it is most useful to deal with the more troublesome trash mobs.

Blizzard used the mob inadvertently. Now, Blizzard will also weaken this strategy. This seems incredible. But time will prove. Players have a great demand for WOW Classic Gold in the game, so we will provide them with a good website for selling WOW Classic Gold. This is a website called MMOWTS.