Acrylic Aquarium is in addition to the aquariums in large supermarkets, underwater restaurants with the theme of marine culture are also quietly emerging. If the aquarium in the large supermarket is a precursor to the popularity of marine culture, then the theme restaurant of the aquarium is an obvious signal of the rise of marine culture.

The catering industry has always been an important direction for the expansion of other industries. Animation, game, and aviation-themed restaurants have gradually emerged abroad, and in China, the development of underwater restaurants similar to the aquarium theme is also in the ascendant. The rise of these theme restaurants reflects It is the great development of the industry behind it.

Similarly, with the development of ocean culture, ocean theme restaurants are gradually becoming one of the popular theme restaurants.

Different from other restaurants, in order to realize the unique romance and nature of the ocean, the ocean-themed restaurant adopts a simple interior design structure and a new decoration style, and the functional partition is clearer. These design structures take into account various technical requirements such as water pressure and light transmittance, and all use acrylic as a transparent display surface.

While the fresh and elegant blue brings consumers a comfortable dining environment, the acrylic aquarium also conveys the unique god of the ocean. Therefore, when ocean culture is widely popular nowadays, ocean-themed restaurants will undoubtedly become another important trend and research trend of ocean-themed products.

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