Looking for Rocket League tips? The mechanical accuracy required in Rocket League makes it unlike any other action-sport game out there. As with any sport, there are many techniques that have been developed to make you hit harder, move faster, and win more. The competitive scene keeps getting bigger (and, indeed, the player base in general), so perhaps you could be the next player to show off your skills in the community tournaments, and maybe even make the jump to pro.

Utilise Practice Mode and Custom Tracks

In Rocket League, you’re provided with a fairly wide array of practice settings. On top of the regular Free Play mode - which is great for getting to grips with the game and practicing areas like dribbling - you also have modes for Shooting, Goalkeeping, and Aerials. All of these are available in varying difficulty levels, helping you to work your way up.

One of the newer features within Rocket League - coming along with the new crate and key system - has been the inclusion of custom practice maps. These are user created and their custom maps, albeit much simpler to access. The custom maps you’ll find under the Practice section vary in difficulty as well, with some actually being provided by Psyonix themselves, the developers of the game.

Using the practice mode will help you improve each of the key parts of your game, with the practice tracks helping you nail down the more intricate parts of Rocket League, such as dribbling and hitting more complex shots/aerials.

Camera Settings

Adjusting the camera settings for Rocket League might not seem very important at first. Not many players know about this pro tip. A slight change in camera settings can make a major impact in the game which can allow you to expand your field of view.

If you wish to get an added advantage over your opponents, we would advise you to keep these settings:

Camera Shake: Off

Motion Blur: Off

Field of View: 110 (90 Default)

Camera Distance: 350 (330 Default)

These are just some of the camera settings you can tweak to improve your game. However, since these are unconventional – and we advise you to practice with these changes – as getting used to them takes time. Furthermore, if you wish to go above and beyond with the settings, we would recommend you to check the camera settings, the professional players tend to use.

Use The Front Of Your Car

In terms of actual in-game mechanics, one of the best things you can do in-game is to hit the ball square on with the front of your car. It’s common for players to roll into the ball, or hit it with the underside of their car - this generates much less power.

If you hit the ball with your front bumper, you’ll be able to hit the ball with much more power, making it harder for the keeper to save. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to aerials. If you’re at the level where you can comfortably hit the ball in the air, the next step is to ensure that you’re hitting it with the front of your car. An aerial shot with power is arguably the hardest shot to stop in Rocket League due to its height, pace, and unpredictability.

Mastering this will have you winning games for your team singlehandedly.

Find a teammate

Whether you queue for ranked or casual matches, one of the best things you can do is find someone to play with. Not only will this lower the odds of one of you rage quitting when things get tough, you will learn to anticipate each other's moves much better than some random teammate.

This alone will increase your odds of winning.

When queueing without a teammate, you risk getting paired with teammates who are still upset from their last loss, in a bad mood or who don't know how to rotate properly. And it doesn't just have to be one of those things. Everyone's play style is different, and being able to read your own teammate and expect their next move will go a long way toward your own improvement.

Don't chase the ball

Instinct will tell you to crash the ball anytime it comes near you. It happens, and sometimes instincts just take over. But if you're following a rotation, you should (very quickly, on the fly) assess who is in a better position to tackle the ball.

In many cases, you will find that it's your turn to drop back and defend. Even if it's not, dropping back to defend is generally the safer and better choice.

Even if you're properly rotating and you're going after the ball, your teammate may have a better angle. Rather than both crashing the ball (and it inevitably taking a weird bounce all the way downfield, back into your goal) back off and let the teammate with the better angle go for it. Often times, this will let them set up a better pass and maybe even earn you an easy goal.

Conserve precious boost

Boost is a precious resource in Rocket League. Even though it regenerates quickly, you will often find yourself without any, struggling to get back and defend your goal.

Instead of using boost all the time, you can "lunge forward" by holding the joystick forward and double-pressing the jump button. If you do this a few times, you can reach the same top speed as you can with boost (you just can't sustain that speed as well or maneuver as quickly or easily).

Learn to use both effectively in different situations to reduce the number of times you get stuck without boost.

Stealing boost from opponents is also a good strategy, so long as you're not going out of your way or breaking rotation to do so.

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