The Michael Thomas and Henry Rugg capture animations have been at the game for a few years now, and Mut 21 coins people grabs hardly happen lol how frequently is someone grabbing a 1 handed ball whilst getting tackled lol. I was hoping the images would be good but that didnt even look that cool lol. Exactly. Although, I think graphics are more of a"need to see to make decision" nowadays particularly if most YouTube movies or some videos in general aren't being seen on a suitable screen or are compacted. This isn't madden 22, so there won't be much cartoon wise, I'll put more pressure on these for'22. This is fundamentally a fresh coat of paint, it looks great but underneath there is still rust. 22 is where they ought to build from the ground up. We need less animations and more physic established interactions again. If they couldn't take the time and resources to perform that all this time when planning to go next gen and rebuild the game, then they are not gonna have it in 22.

Well 21 was already made and capped. They'd need to restart with 22, I know what you are saying but I wasn't expecting an entirely different game. This is an advancement. . 22 is gonna be their evaluation because now they don't have an excuse with an even more powerful system. I understand on COD Cold War - second gen and current gen can play together. This doesnt seem to be the case for Madden, is this supported? Some games can and some can not. I know Destiny 2 you will not have the ability to play with cross-gen until December so hopefully for Madden it'll be available by release. It simply seems like they added the same new motion they advertised for present gen Madden but used different words. Their advertising has always been slick with telling us that they essentially added nothing. If this is the best of the improvements, we're clearly just getting more of the same bs.

Franchise mode was basically the same thing since Madden 25. They've removed lots of news reports, the old fashioned system, relocation teams. Yea but has never actually been a huge outcry until now. I think that the outcry occurring now is a result of the fact that Next Gen is right round the corner. This new technologies can totally alter how madden franchise functions and we are not gonna let EA continue the cycle of incorporating minimal shit on following gen. Only my thoughts tho.

MrHurriicane place it best. This is not a triumph, it is only a first down. The community must keep pushing . Correct. If they make a few changes the answer shouldn't be to hurry out and buy the game, it ought to be"thanks but still insufficient". Pretty much. Honestly what they inserted was a joke. Anything they include now will likely look like great. But I'm still doubtful. So I'm not even certain what they could add to buy Madden 21 coins create franchise great again. And I am not buying it with them holding some big"Franchise Patch" promise if it's not at start.