We recently discussed the server population problem that has plagued World of Warcraft Classic. Now that the most populous areas have been locked, players can no longer transfer characters to these areas. For those players who already have roles, allow them to create new roles in this field.

There are many reasons for this situation. Classic does not have strict control over the number of servers. Servers are divided into general, role-playing, player-to-player, and role-playing player-to-player, so players pay special attention to servers that provide them with the game style they want to focus on.

At the time of release, the Classic WOW Gold reason Blizzard implemented layering was to solve this problem. In essence, the method adopted by the layering mechanism is to let the server play a role in reducing the pressure on the server in a certain state, and the players will be in different instances and thus be dispersed. Blizzard will remove this mechanism at the end to allow everyone to play together.

Blizzard had to restore the stratification mechanism in response to the current population problem. Stratification will again appear in certain areas that are particularly plagued by population problems.

They expanded the role creation and moved it to another area where Grobbulus restricted it. If the player does not have a role in the role, then the WOW Classic Gold layered area is not suitable for paid role transfer or new role creation.

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Blizzard discussed many solutions, including whether these solutions will be implemented or what complex factors may prevent them from joining. Therefore, there is a long way to go to solve the population problem. Players' demand for WOW Classic Gold is unquestionable, so players need to find an effective way to obtain WOW Classic Gold. If players choose to buy on MMOWTS, it will be very convenient.