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Palo Alto Networks Certified Software Firewall Engineer (PCSFE)

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Software Firewall Engineer (PCSFE) certification validates the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for virtual network security administrators to serve as experts on Palo Alto Networks Software. This software includes the Palo Alto Networks containerized firewall, virtual network firewall, and Cloud Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). The required knowledge, skills, and abilities include, but are not limited to: deployment, automation, management plugins, and troubleshooting. The PCSFE certification is a customer-facing credential designed for network engineers, network security administrators, DevSecOps, cloud infrastructure engineers and architects, traditional network security engineers and architects, and cloud security engineers and architects.

Exam Information

Certification Name: Palo Alto Networks Software Firewall Engineer
Delivered through Pearson VUE: www.pearsonvue.com/paloaltonetworks
Exam Series: PCSFE
Seat Time: 90 minutes
Number of items: 60
Format: Multiple choice and scenarios with graphics
Languages: English

Exam Topics

Software Firewall Fundamentals 14%
Securing Environments with Software Firewalls 16%
Deployment Architecture 18%
Automation and Orchestration 16%
Technology Integration 13%
Troubleshooting 13%
Management Plugins and Log Forwarding 10%

View Online Palo Alto Networks Certified Software Firewall Engineer (PCSFE) Free Questions

1. Which component can provide application-based segmentation and prevent lateral threat movement?
A.DNS Security
C.URL Filtering
Answer: D

2. Which two features of CN-Series firewalls protect east-west traffic between pods in different trust zones? (Choose two.)
A.Intrusion prevention system
B.Communication with Panorama
C.External load balancer
D.Layer 7 visibility
Answer: A, D

3. Which offering inspects encrypted outbound traffic?
B.TLS decryption
D.Advanced URL Filtering (AURLF)
Answer: B

4. Which Palo Alto Networks firewall provides network security when deploying a microservices-based application?
Answer: B

5. Where do CN-Series devices obtain a VM-Series authorization key?
B.Local installation
D.Customer Support Portal
Answer: A

6. Which two design options address split brain when configuring high availability (HA)? (Choose two.)
A.Adding a backup HA1 interface
B.Using the heartbeat backup
C.Bundling multiple interfaces in an aggregated interface group and assigning HA2
D.Sending heartbeats across the HA2 interfaces
Answer: A, B