A 13x4 Lace Wig should always be worn in a way that people cannot find you are wearing one. That is why how you install the lace front wig makes a great deal of difference. If you are a first-timer, you should learn all the steps of the installation process in proper detail. After unboxing the product, you may wonder whether the lace front wig is exactly the size of your head. Given below are the key steps that you will need to follow in order to have the 13x4 Lace Front Wig fitted on to your head.


Flatten Your Hair:

If you have a fair amount of hair on the head, you will first need to flatten it for the wig to sit properly. For those who have only little hair or none at all, using a wig liner is essential. The hair on the head needs to be brushed back and flattened in a way that the hair is even across the scalp. This is an important part of the 13x4 Lace Frontal installation process.


Prepare Your Skin:

The hairline needs some preparation too. Any amount of oil or dirt along the hairline needs removal. Wash your forehead along the hairline with a gentle cleanser. People with sensitive skin should apply scalp-protecting serum after alcohol has been rubbed. In any case, do not forget to pat the hairline dry before you place the 13x4 lace front wig on the head.


Place the Wig:

Now, it is time to place the wig on the head. Tilt your head a little towards the front and slip the wig on to your head just like you put on a bathing cap. Now, keep the head in an upright position and push the front portion of the wig towards the back till it is in the same line as the hairline. Tuck in any hair that is outside of the wig.


Style the Wig:

Once the 13x4 lace front wig is secured, you can now move on to style to suit your individual needs. Based on whether you have a natural hair lace front wig or a synthetic hair lace front wig, you will need to use different types of styling tools to do the job. Real hair lace front wigs have hair just like your original hair. You can style them in the same way as you style your own hair.


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