Acrylic sheet has crystal-like transparency, light transmittance is greater than 92%, dyed acrylic sheet and good display effect. In addition, acrylic sheet: has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and gloss, and good high temperature resistance.

Acrylic sheet has good processing properties and can be divided into casting and basic according to the production process. It can be thermoformed (including forming, blow molding and vacuum suction molding), and can also be machined, such as drills, cars, washing, cutting, etc., which greatly improves the processing accuracy, and can process patterns that cannot be completed by ordinary methods. In addition, acrylic sheets can also be cut and engraved by laser technology to produce products with peculiar effects.

Hardness is one of the important parameters of casting acrylic sheet. It is an important part of quality control. Hardness can reflect purity, weather resistance and heat resistance of materials. The hardness will affect whether the plate will be deformed, and the processed surface will be damaged. Hardness is one of the hardness analysis index systems to measure the quality of acrylic sheet products. The hardness index of cast acrylic sheet is currently the highest, with an average Darrow hardness value of 90 degrees..

Acrylic sheet has good weather resistance, including outdoors, has good surface gloss and hardness, and can be made into various shapes. Its rich color panels (including semi-transparent color panels), and other features are thick and still maintain a high level of transparency.

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