QuickBooks payroll service is renowned among business owners around the world. The software has simplified a complex task that also used to cause issues while submission of taxes. QuickBooks can execute the payroll punctually and precisely to minimize errors in the official data. Due to internal errors, the software can sometimes malfunction while executing its functions. QuickBooks error 15103 causes the payroll update to terminate and will not allow you to finish the installation until it is removed. If you also faced this error while downloading payroll updates, continue reading the blog to learn about its causes and the steps you need to counter it.

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Here are the circumstances that trigger the occurrence of this QuickBooks error-

  1. A low internet speed can damage the update file during the download leading to this error when you try to install it.
  2. A third-party web browser is being used to execute QB functions which can result in the failure of the update process.
  3. The software has been internally damaged due to a malware attack or faulty PC installation.

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The techniques that can effectively rectify this QuickBooks error are given below-


Solution 1- Always use the default windows browsers to integrate with QuickBooks

QuickBooks performs most of its online tasks by integrating with windows applications and web services. So, the software gets dependent on the applications for the efficiency of its output. Intuit always recommends using the default OS applications for the sake of compatibility and to prevent any issues while the software executes its functions. If you use a third-party web browser, this error can result from the compatibility issues developed when the browser fails to download the payroll/software update properly. To set the default web browser, adhere to these steps:

  1. Use the search panel on the taskbar to open the Default apps window.
  2. Click on the option for Web browser and select Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer as your default web browser.
  3. Save the changes you just made and close the window.
  4. Open Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer on your PC and visit Google.
  5. Type ‘Internet connection test’ and press Enter.
  6. Click on the topmost link to begin the test and wait for the results.

QuickBooks requires an average speed of 3Mbps and minimum 1.5Mbps to run smoothly. If your internet speed matches QB requirements, go for the next solution. Otherwise, upgrade your network connection to prevent any future issues.

Solution 2- Run a software repair using the QB tool hub

QuickBooks tool hub is a go-to solution for everyday issues that influence the software. You can also use it to repair the damage in your software, as mentioned in the steps below-

  1. Restart your computer and then launch the QB Tool hub..
  2. Click on the Program Problems option on your screen and select the option that says Quick fix my program.
  3. Wait until the software is repaired and retry downloading the updates.

The updates will be downloaded without any issues now.


This brings us to the farthest limit of this blog, which focuses on  QuickBooks error 15103  and the triggers that can develop it. We hope you applied the countermeasures for this error mentioned in the blog, and the payroll/software updates are now successfully downloaded on your PC.

If the update again suffers failure due to this error, give a call at +1-855-948-3646 to take the help of the QB professionals.

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