The QuickBooks application program is more than a blessing for business entrepreneurs and accounting professionals. Are you among the ones making the best advantages of the application? If yes, then you must also be aware of QuickBooks payroll update error 15270. It's an update error of the QuickBooks payroll tool that hampers one's productivity and daily workflow. That's why we have got the troubleshooting methods for you to cut the roots of the update error 15270. 

Continue reading this blog post and learn the potential reasons for this error code 15270 of the payroll update. It's always good to focus on the reasons to reach out to the roots of the technical fault. That's why we have briefly jotted down the factors triggering the fault. 

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Root Causes Why You Face QuickBooks Payroll Update Issue with Error Code 15270

  1. If your QuickBooks Desktop software is installed incompletely or installed with technical faults, then this will cause you to encounter QuickBooks payroll update error 15270.
  2. If your payroll subscription is Inactive or expired, then it will trigger your application with update error code 15270.
  3. Do not enter an incorrect Employer Identification Number or payroll Service Key, else you have to face the error while you try to update your payroll tool.
  4. If your Internet Explorer is not your default Internet browser, then this will become one of the contributors to the QB payroll update error code 15270.
  5. An incorrect automatic update configuration is another leading factor of the QuickBooks error 15270 in the payroll update process.

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Ways to Fix the QuickBooks Payroll Error 15270 Immediately

Troubleshooting Solution 1: Run QuickBooks Reboot.bat file

  1. First, exit the QuickBooks Desktop software, then right-click on your desktop's QuickBooks icon. Next, click the Properties tab and continue to select the Open File Location option.
  2. Now, locate the Reboot.bat file and right-click the same in the QuickBooks folder. After this, you need to click the Run as Administrator option and further wait for the process to later register all the QuickBooks company data files to your Windows OS.
  3. Now, once your window of DOS disappears, you need to restart your computer system by further checking the status of payroll update error 15270.

Troubleshooting Solution 2: Scan Your Windows with Virus and Malware Removal Tool

If the troubleshooting solution mentioned above fails to resolve this error, then it may be the case of any virus or malware infection present on your computer system. We will recommend you download and install an antivirus program or a malware tool to remove such infections from your Windows. It will dismiss the payroll error code 15270.

The Last Words!

Have you got these solution strategies to solve the QuickBooks payroll update error 15270. If not, then you can directly reach out to us by calling us at +1-855-948-3646. Our professionals would love to fix all your payroll update issues.

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