Air Wigs are a new wig type, especially for people who seek for better wearing experience and breathable feelings. Actually, air wigs can be regarded as updated lace front wigs. They have the same wig construction as lace front wigs: the lace part and the wig cap.

In general, The wig cap uses high-definition weft yarns for a soft feel and flexibility. Thousands of surveys have shown that this hat is fine for everyday wear but a little thick and hot in the summer. That's why Beauty has forever improved the cap structure of lace front wigs and redesigned a new type of wig called Air Lace Wig.

The air wig features an open cap that allows for optimal ventilation and maximum curling of the scalp. In the photo, you can see the mesh structure that prevents hair loss and at the same time provides ventilation. In addition, the Breathable Wig cap allows enough air to pass through to promote hair growth.

The lace front section is just like a normal lace front wig, high quality lace creates a seamless hairline. There are two types of nib materials: transparent nib and HD nib. You can choose any one according to your preference.

Air wigs eliminate itchy scalp caused by sweat and bacteria. In the winter, you can wear a normal human hair wig with a cap structure to stay cool, but it is impossible in the hot summer. When the temperature is high, sweat and hair get wet easily. When we wear our hair for hours on end, sweat-soaked hair produces an unpleasant odor that is difficult to endure and combat. Bacteria enter and the scalp becomes itchy. These are the main causes of hair loss, hinder hair growth and wreak havoc on the health of your scalp.

Also, in order to provide a better service, air wig ready-made laces are breathable and pre-cut laces allow you to wear your hair away from your face. It really saves time when you have an appointment. Ready-made glue-free wigs are healthy for your skin and protect your head from allergic reactions.

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