NBA 2K23 being a basketball game, many of the actions are the same as in reality. To win in this game, we need to master the various actions. Here we will explain in detail how to do Pick & Roll in NBA 2K23.
There are 4 ways to perform this action in NBA 2K23, and we will introduce them in detail below.
Basic Pick & Roll
This is the most simple one, and you will need to press down and hold the top-left shoulder button which is L1 on PlayStation, LB on Xbox, and L on the Nintendo Switch.
To Pick & Roll (or Fade)
You can perform a basic roll, or fade off. To fade, press the top-right shoulder button which is R1 on PlayStation, RB on Xbox, and R on the Nintendo Switch.
Slip Screen or Early Fade
After calling the pick, tap the top-left shoulder button again before the screener gets hit. You will need to time this right or it won’t be a successful move.
When we have a high level of skill in NBA 2K23, we can gain a certain advantage. As a starting point, 2K23 MT should be used to build a strong player, which is important.