The Season One Rocket Pass is already live and functions the new Harbinger Car Body. For the Competitive Scene, which Rocket League Trading commenced on September 22, 3 new Competitive Ranks had been introduced.

For starters, Grand Champion II & III are going to sit down above the current Grand Champion Rank and give it that needed separation among gamers on this tier. In addition, the Grand Champion Rank shade is now Red so that you can higher distinguish it from the Champion Rank.

For people who controlled to exceed the two new ranks, they’re going to attain the Supersonic Legend Rank, that's proven via its white icon. This new rank is going to be distinct and based totally on ancient ranking statistics. It’s going to be rather hard, however now not necessarily impossible, to gain.

Rocket League announced that with the patch, the Tournament device is fully stay on all structures as well as across all supported regions. In order to take part in Competitive Tournaments players want toRL Trading  complete placement fits in the Competitive Playlist.