You are required to pass Huawei H35-481_V2.0 exam to get HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0 certification. PassQuestion strives to provide HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0 H35-481_V2.0 Preparation Material that benefits each candidate. All the real Huawei H35-481_V2.0 exam questions for the HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0 Exam is reliable and authentic. With the PassQuestion HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0 H35-481_V2.0 Preparation Material, you will get everything that you need to learn and pass the H35-481_V2.0 HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0 exam with good scores. Make sure you study all HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0 H35-481_V2.0 Preparation Material multiple times so that you achieve the remarkable result in your final exam.

HCIP-5G-RAN Certification Exam Overview

Holding HCIP-5G-RAN Certification prove you have the capability of independently completing parameter planning and configuration of Huawei 5G radio networks, performing routine radio network operations, and analyzing and handling network faults. To prepare for this exam, you should master the basic knowledge about one type of mobile communication networks (2G/3G/4G), understand basic concepts of 5G networks.

HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0 Certification Exam Information

Exam Code: H35-481
Exam Name: HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0
Exam language: ENU/CHS
Question Type: Single Answer, Multiple Answer, True-false Question
Exam fees: 300 USD
Exam Duration: 90min
Passing score/Total score: 600/1000

HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0 Exam Knowledge

5G Industrial Applications and Solutions 5%
5G principles 20%
5G Base Station Product Knowledge 10%
Data Configuration of 5G Wireless Network 35%
5G Wireless Network Maintenance 30%

HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0 Exam Knowledge Points

5G Industrial Applications and Solutions

1. 5G Industrial Applications and Solutions

5G principles

1. 5G air interface principles
2. 5G protocol and process

5G Base Station Product Knowledge

1. 5G base station products
2. Typical networking of 5G base stations

Data Configuration of 5G Wireless Network

1. 5G base station data configuration
2. 5G RAN data reconfiguration

5G Wireless Network Maintenance

2. 5G base station routine operations
3. 5G base station troubleshooting

View Online HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0 H35-481_V2.0-ENU Free Questions

1. Which of the following commands is used to map DSCPs and VLAN priorities?
Answer: C

2. Which of the following scenario using the GUI configuration mode in MAE- Deployment?
A.Configuration of parameters in an MO
B.Configuration of parameters in multiple MOs
C.Reconfiguration of a single NE
D.Batch reconfiguration of NEs
Answer: A  

3. Which of the following X2 Interconnection solutions are supported by LTE and NR base stations?
A.Interconnection through RF modules
B.Interconnection through the a
C.Interconnected through the backplane in co-BBU separate-MPT scenarios
D.Interconnection through traditional IP RAN
Answer: C

4. Which of the following parameters In the NR MIB message indicates the time-domain position of CORESET 0?
A.System frame number
B.Most significant four bits of PDCCH-configSIBl
C.SSB-subcarrier offset
D.Least significant four bits of PDCCH-configSIBl
Answer: D

5. Unlike 4G base stations, 5G base stations do not need to be configured with tracking area Information.
Answer: A