Chicago AJ1 vs. 1985 First year version! Is there a big difference? New Jordans Release 2022 If you're talking about the hottest sneaker of late, it's the "Chicago" New Jordan 1 UK returning in a new, old look. The classic sneakers, first created in 1985, have been reproduced four times, and this year's fifth replica comes seven years after the last. Many of you have received them this week. Have you got them yet? At present, the market price is around ¥2000, which can be said to be within the acceptable range. The overseas sale will be officially launched on November 19, local time. It is believed that with the completion of the global sale, the price can be lowered to some extent. For this remake, some people think that Lost & Found is so creative that the old effect is a good way to put the current player in a pinch. Some people think that Nike still can't honestly copy the first year version, so finally have a group of copies of the "Chicago" Air Jordan 1 and the first year of the "Chicago" Air Jordan 1 physical comparison.
Let's see if it's better when it's artificially aged or when it's naturally oxidized! The first is the Nike Shoes shape, almost the same as the original version, the color has not changed, which is a big relief for players who like the Chicago color scheme. As the theme of Lost & Found, the biggest feature of this new copy of the "Chicago" Air Jordan 1 is the use of distressed treatment in the upper position, bringing excessive wear and oxidation slag effect. Looking at the two pairs of shoes from the heel direction, it can be seen that compared with the first year, the black surrounding part of the upper upper of the reproduced version of "Chicago" Air Jordan 1 is higher, and the filling is more thick. This is actually true of the Air Jordan 1 remake in recent years. From the close-up picture, it can be seen that in the first year, there was a phenomenon of oxidation and peeling, while the artificial aging was done by grinding. We are not too confused about this point. If you've been wearing a pair of New Jordan 6 UK shoes for ten years, you're far more likely to lose skin than slag. Instead, it is because of the improper preservation of the collection of sneakers, there will be a slag problem, which just echoes the theme of the reproduction of Lost & Found. There is a difference between the black flying wing LOGO on the upper of the shoe. After 37 years, the flying wing LOGO has been added with the registered TradeMark symbol. The outside of the tongue remains the same. The only difference may be in the color. The red is brighter in the reprinted version. And the inside of the text logo, the biggest difference is probably the production information is different. The side Swoosh has been improved over the years, and the copied version will appear wider, especially in the second half of the hook, and because of the current production process, the line can be tighter. The oxidized and worn effect of the midsole is not as obvious as that of the OG version. This is not for technical reasons, but for more reasons, Xiaobian guesses that we should consider the wearing effect of this pair of shoes at present. Finally, the design of the upper, the copy of the crack effect, which dissuades many patients with OCD.
But after comparison, it can be seen that the texture of the upper is still as much as possible to restore the fold effect after wearing in the first year. Finally, the shoe box, the copied version from the design to the accessories details full, the first year is we are more familiar with the Air Jordan 1 shoe box design. The above is the comparison of the two pairs of shoes, I do not know you for this copy of the "Chicago" Air Jordan 1 what's your opinion? Let us know in the comments section.