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Skola Groups is a group-creating tool with a wide range of features that help you to sell, create and manage your group coaching programs.

Skola Groups FE: Skola Groups


Skola Groups OTO 1: Skola Groups Bundle


Skola Groups OTO 2: Skola Groups PRO


Skola Groups OTO 3: Skola Groups Business


Skola Groups OTO 4: Skola Groups Agency


Skola Groups OTO 5: Skola Groups Events


Skola Groups is the incredible world-first group software so you can sell then deploy your own group coaching, Mastermind, or community group with discussions, training, and live workshops.

Skola Groups Review by Sam Bakker – includes 5 OTOs. OTO1 is Skola Groups Bundle, OTO2 is Skola Groups PRO, OTO3 is Skola Groups Suite, OTO4 is Skola Groups Skola Agency, OTO5 is Skola Groups Skola Events.

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All Skola Groups OTO Upsell upgrades links to direct sales pages, with big Skola Groups discounts and my hot Skola Groups bonuses. Don’t miss your Upgrade copies. It’s for a limited time. Skola Groups OTO Upsells Upsell links.


Skola Groups is ultimately increasing the completion rates of your online events.


Countdown until the beginning of your group coaching program.


Send broadcasts to your students.

Facilitate question & answers discussions or group discussions from right within your coaching program dashboard.


Deliver training content through drip feeding or all at once as part of your coaching program.

Add videos into Skola Groups, customize lessons and create a virtual learning experience students love!


Update your workshop schedule from right within the group coaching area.

Automatically enroll students to attend.

Release replays for your participants to view.


Create sales funnels, checkout pages, and meetings in other software. Use Group Coaching to manage everything else in one easy-to-use place.


Track the activity and responsiveness of your students.


Skola Groups has 1 Front-end & 5 OTOs:


  • Skola Groups Software
  • ‘Pre-Start Coaching Portal’
  • Post updates to students
  • Events Calendar
  • Customizable group coaching training area
  • Reminders & Notifications
  • Customizable Emails
  • Integrations
  • Drip Feeding
  • Color Palettes
  • Daily Actions
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Skola Groups – Bundle Price: $27 ($70 OFF)

Skola Groups PRO – Bundle Price: $47 ($150 OFF)

Skola Groups Business – Bundle Price: $67 ($50 OFF)

Skola Groups Agency – Bundle Price: $197 ($100 OFF)

Skola Groups Events – Bundle Price: $47 ($10 OFF)


Special offer to upgrade your account now!

Add 13 Incredible Features To Your Skola Groups Software

Unlock Multi-Course Classrooms

You can now give away or sell multiple courses right from within 1 classroom

Groups Connect

Automatically send login information when a member joins your group from an external software like SamCart, ActiveCampaign etc

Run Co-horts

Deliver your training program live over a few days or weeks


Reward members for completing a course within your group with a personalized printable certificate


Add transcripts under any of your video lessons for your members to read

Zoom Automation

Schedule meetings into your Groups PRO calendar and automatically generate a meeting in Zoom

Advanced Tracking

Track how your members interact within your group, their activity and account status

Custom Meeting Schedules

Choose unique dates and times you want to run your meetings

Discussion Topics

Create ‘categories’ within discussions. Members can categorize their posts

Community Polls

Run polls users can vote on right from within your community discussions

Pin Posts

Highlight important posts within your community. Pin them to the top

Community Moderation

Automatically moderate discussions & language used within your community

Light & Dark Modes

Provide your members with both light and dark modes for engaging with your groups


Unlock An Incredible Range Of New Features

Increase Profits & Scale Upgrading To Groups Business Edition

A premium package we have available that you can upgrade to.

This package is called: Business and it includes some incredible enhancements that will help you to make more money and offer an even better experience to your members, customers, and clients.

Scale your training programs like a modern 6 figure Consultant

Grow your consulting business fast like a 7 figure company. Groups business transforms your account into the ultimate tool for business owners.

Sell consulting products, high-ticket group coaching programs, and premium masterminds.

Charge more, save time, and automate everything… Groups Business is the ultimate upgrade for business owners.

Unlock new profit opportunities

Create Groups for anything that you’re doing. If you’re building a new software. Create a new group for your community to test, communicate and share ideas for using it.

Or if you’re selling Consulting right now. Why not productize it? Add everyone into a group you can coach as part of a program.

There are so many new opportunities that are unlocked when you get access to Groups Business today.

Build Rockstar Consulting Brands!

You can build a Rockstar Consulting Brand using this package. We’ve packed in the best features to ensure you can create Groups that you can manage, scale & grow into 6 figure businesses.

Only Groups Business users benefit from all of these incredible features:

Team management

Scale your business by inviting team members to join and help you to manage your campaigns.

Invite up to 5 admin users to assist you to manage, edit & maintain your groups.

Manage multiple campaigns with the help of your team.

Help Desk

Cancel your subscription to costly help desk software.

Manage all of the support of your group within one place inside of your group.

Add a widget to your group where members can submit support tickets.

Private Messaging

Enable private messaging for your members.

Members can communicate with one another through private messaging.

This is an additional benefit you can include within your groups that helps you to make money.

External API Connections

Send data to other external software.

When someone registers into your auto-responder or within a form on another website. Automatically add them into your group.

Integrate with other external software.

Email Announcements

Broadcast posts & announcements as emails.

Send email notifications to your members at the same time you post an update or announcement.

Bring members back into your group to view new content you post.

Custom Notifications

Members within your group get notified whenever an action takes place.

Customize notifications for your group members and choose when and how they get notified.

White Label Branding

Rebrand your Skola Groups interface for your team.

Add your own logo instead of ours so that when your team logs into your admin account they see your company’s logo.

Advanced Automations

Create new automations inside of your group.

Add tags to members to help manage triggers in external software.

Student Tracking

Track the actions your students take within your group. Track each individual action and monitor what your members are doing within your group.

Group Analytics

Monitor your group members’ overall activity.

View engagement, how attentive your members are, and gain valuable insights into how well your group is performing.

Your ‘All In One’ Solution For Media Hosting & Video/Audio Playback

File Storage

Store up to 1TB of media, audio & image data in your account.

Video & Audio Player

Use our custom video & audio player to further enhance your events.

Manage PDFs

Upload, share & store PDF files within Skola Groups.

Unlock new profit opportunities

Unlock insider access to Groups ‘Accelerator’ Training

  • Enhanced features training
  • Additional In-depth resources
  • In-depth lessons training
  • Tools & Resources for Groups

Premium Training

Unlock additional advanced training about running Groups.

Ongoing Workshops

You’re invited to Groups Accelerator training workshops each week.

Private community access

Join our active community. Join discussions & connect with other members.

Exclusively Included With Groups Business

All Future Updates & Upgrades

You’re getting full access to any future updates and upgrades that we introduce into Skola Groups when you get access to this package today.

VIP Support

As a ‘Groups Business’ customer all of our tickets within our support system are fast-tracked so you receive the highest level of support as fast as humanly possible.


OPTION 1: 3 PAYMENTS ($397×3)

OPTION 2: 1 PAYMENT ($997)

Grow Your Own 6-Figure Agency With Skola Groups

Create Funnels, Digital Products & Events for businesses

Make more money delivering quality solutions. Get paid $7000 for every campaign

Instantly upgrade Skola Groups Agency Today!

This is an enhancement to Skola for agencies & consultants.

When you upgrade today to Skola Groups Agency. You and all of your clients, team members and customers benefit

Upgrade Your Skola Account & Any Of Your Active Products To Skola Groups Agency:

When you upgrade to Skola Groups Agency. Any purchase you’ve made previously or make in the future within Skola’s eco-system automatically has ‘Agency features’ applied to it.

You can then sell each as a service package to businesses

Sell Skola Funnels To Businesses

Sell Funnels as a piece or your entire offer to a business. Help a business create a sales funnel then give them access to use it on their website. Collaborate with a business or do it for them.

  • Drag n Drop Editor
  • Checkout Forms
  • Stripe & Paypal Integrations

Sell Skola Groups To Businesses

Package a clients digital product up into a new Group Coaching or Community environment. Sell it to them to manage

  • Community
  • Training
  • Calendar

Sell Skola Events To Businesses

Package up an Event for a business to run. It could be a Summit, In-Person or Virtual Event. A business can then run the event with your help once it’s deployed

  • Virtual Lobby
  • Live & Pre-Recorded Streaming
  • Drag N Drop Event Planner

The Incredible Benefits Of Being A Part Of Skola Agency:

You are in control. Charge what you want to businesses. Add clients to your campaigns. Build campaign templates. Sell & even transfer entire campaigns

Sell to an unlimited amount of trainers, business owners, customers, and coaches…

Business owners want help selling their digital products. They want someone who can assist them throughout the process from strategy right through to implementation. You can help them through a done with you offering

Activate your funnel

Turn on your agency funnel to generate leads from your website, social media, ad campaign or anywhere else… Schedule client calls & close sales

Rebrand your dashboard

Your dashboard is completely rebranded with your chosen logo. When clients login they won’t see our logo they’ll see yours. This is applied to everywhere within the website and all emails the system sends out

Client Management Dashboard

Manage clients within your own dedicated Client Management Dashboard

Sell & transfer entire campaigns

Complete creation of an event for a client and send the entire campaign into their account

Collaborate with clients

Add clients to campaigns to manage their campaigns and run Virtual Events you deliver to them

Future updates & upgrades

You receive all future updates and upgrades we make to the agency studio as we continue to build it into a $1997/py package

Clients benefit from Every Skola Business Suite Feature

Add team members to help deliver & scale your agency

Sell Funnels, Groups, or Events to clients through agency

Whatever products you have active inside of Skola. You can sell those products to businesses

Agency Tools & Resources

We’ve packaged up a range of professional tools and resources to help you to grow your agency. These tools are exactly what you need to acquire clients and position yourself as a professional agency businesses want to pay $7000 to in order to create their Virtual Events

Aquisition Sales Funnel

Download and use our proven client aqiusition sales funnel. Book prospect calls and close more sales using this sales funnel

Legal Documents

Download the pre-written legal documents you need for running your agency. These include NDA, Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy documents you can edit and make your own


Asking your prospects the right questions is an important part of bringing them on as clients. Learn what questions to ask and follow along with our pre-written questions to guide you to making a sale

Onboarding Sequences

Download this sequence to your own email marketing software to automate call and client followup

Process Sheets

Download full process sheets for client signup. Pass them to your team as you outsource different parts of your agency while it grows

How to charge

Discover the fastest and easiest ways to charge clients with our easy-to-follow how-to guide. It shows which accounts to setup and ensures you can generate income fast

Agency Mastermind

To help you to get the fastest start and understand how to package and sell Skola services we’ve organized a Mastermind Group that meets virtually 2 times a year

Network with other agencies:

Expand your offerings

Complete creation of an event for a client and send the entire campaign into their account

Charge more to businesses

Add clients to campaigns to manage their campaigns and run the Virtual Event you delivered to them

Drive more results

Add team members to help deliver & scale your agency

Grow friendships within a supportive environment

You receive all future updates and upgrades we make to the agency studio as we continue to build it into a $1997/py package

Agency VIP Community

As part of our agency studio program, you’re invited to our monthly calls & Q&A. Every month we meet together LIVE to discuss what’s working, new ideas and strategies, and more

Q&A Workshops

12 LIVE Community Q&A Workshops Every Year

VIP Community

Private access to our VIP community group


Email support from our team 5 days a week


Onboarding call with our team to help you get set up and start selling your agency studio services




Run all of your Live & Virtual Events from one place…

You focus on running your event, we take care of everything else

In-Person Events

Sell, manage & run In-Person events through our Skola Events interface.

Scan tickets at the door. Our software registers your attendee into your web portal.

Run in-person & live streamed events through the same interface simultaneously.

LIVE Virtual Events

Run REAL-TIME Live Streamed events.

Sell tickets & automatically provide access to attendees through a Virtual Lobby.

Every attendee can join the LIVE Stream, watch, comment & engage with your event.

Pre-Recorded Streams

Upload past event sessions or pre-recorded sessions into the Virtual Lobby.

Schedule the pre-recorded videos to start.

Stream your pre-recorded videos as ‘Like-Live’ events. Provide the same LIVE experience through your Virtual Lobby.

Everything you need in one place

You get everything you need to run events in one software.

Cancel subscriptions to other tools, stop trying to stitch things together using multiple tools.

Skola Events unifies everything you need in one easy to use interface.

Enhance Your Events Through Technology

We enhance your events with the latest technology.

Run your In-Person & Virtual Events all from the same system.

One Unified place for attendees to view what’s happening, announcements & more whether they’re at your event in person or streaming from their computer at home.

Attendees LOVE the experience

Your event attendees receive a ticket when they register or purchase your event.

Once inside your Virtual Lobby it’s clear, and easy to access live sessions & network.

Attendees love the whole experience that our unified system delivers.

Sell, Giveaway & Manage Tickets For:


Invite multiple speakers to talk at your summit. Sell tickets & provide access to a complete schedule of events through the Skola Events lobby.


Get your community together around an event. Generate leads for your company. Meet, connect, share and learn from one another within an event format.


Run conferences for your business through the Skola Events lobby.


Deliver Co-Horts over 3 – 6 weeks through the Skola Events platform. Announce updates, schedule sessions & connect with your audience.


Sell spots to a workshop then deliver the workshop through the Skola Event Portal.

Here’s why you want to use Skola Events to run your next Virtual or In-Person event:

Ticket Management

Automatically send tickets to your attendees right after registration or purchase.

Manage sales and support attendees through our ticket management system.

  • QR Code Scanner
  • Unique Ticket IDs
  • Printable Tickets

Virtual Event Lobby

Attendees get access to a Virtual Lobby.

They can view your event announcements, agenda & who’s attending.

For Virtual LIVE events. The stream starts right from within the Virtual Lobby.

Attendees can watch from anywhere in the world, engage with other attendees & more.


Your event lobby features a timer that counts down when your event will begin.

Attendees can see it clearly above your event to ensure that they don’t miss out on any of the sessions.


Post announcements to attendees of your event from a Virtual Lobby.

Send announcements as emails or posts.

Attendees are notified and can engage directly with your announcements through comments or ‘likes’.

Customizable Agenda

Your attendees can view all sessions through a customizable event ‘Agenda’.

Attendees can sync their calendars with your event.

Attendees can then attend in person or click to ‘Join’ a virtual live stream from within your events lobby.


Provide your attendees with a unique networking experience.

Attendees can view profiles of attendees as well as message one another.

Your attendees can organize meetings at your in-person event or connect through the virtual lobby.


Once the event has finished you can schedule in replays for your attendees to view.

Choose how long these replays are available and who can view them.


Skola Events automatically notifies your attendees when events happen within your event.

Customize your notifications to send notifications or emails for important actions.

Notify attendees as sessions begin & replays are posted.

Real-Time Tracking

Track your attendee’s activity throughout your event in real-time.

See as attendees’ login to view your event and what actions they take within the system.

Attendee Levels

Decide who can view parts of your event and who can’t be based on attendee and what they purchase.

Unlock exclusive content for VIPs or Sponsors.

Provide attendees with opportunities to upgrade to premium levels throughout your event.

Sell Sponsorship To Your Events

Increase revenue through sponsorships.

Sponsors can then upload or add information about their business for your approval.

Showcase sponsors within the event lobby, banners or during the streaming event.

Activity Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor attendees activity and attendance.

View event trends & report on key event metrics.

Get a transparent look into the engagement of your event.

Skola Events Runs On Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Skola Events works for participants anywhere. From your conference hall, the bus, or their home computer. Attendees get up-to-date information all from their mobile phones.