be a few form of cryptic message approximately... Bacon? Caesar Salads? Bizarre! Oh, and it ends with a group of R's and L's. Here's Rocket League Trading Prices a screenshot of the puzzle, you could furthermore get proper of access to it via this link:

s the Batmobile Returning to Rocket League?
The cipher has been translated to show "batmobiletwentytwentytwo", imparting that the Batmobile from the approaching Batman movie might be coming to Rocket League. It took a piece, incredible, to decide all of this out - however this statistics? Well, this statistics is quite bloody big, and it seems that obviously we can be getting greater data on February 25.

Why February 25, though? Well, as it is basically precisely in step with week earlier than Robert Pattinson's new Batman movie "The Batman" releases in theaters. The film might be the primary Batman film for the motive that Ben Affleck left the area, and might be the primary Buy Rocket League Items with Robert Pattinson
withinside the area of our favourite billionaire superhero.