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David Chandler’s Shambala Secret Review – Is the Shambala Secret Really effective? Is it worth buying it? Discover more about The Shambala Secret.

The Shambala Secret Review

Do you experience constant financial problems? Or struggling to keep your relationships afloat? There may just be a solution to your problems.  With The Shambala Secret Reviews guide, you can manifest anything you want in life, including financial wealth and healthy relationships with your loved ones.

According to the official site, The Shambala Secret Reviews is a special program designed to help you manifest what you want in life, whether wealth, health, or love. The program helps you attract abundance and beat stress in life, financial instability, poor work lifestyle, and unhealthy relationships. The best part of it all is that there isn’t much to do. All you need to do is figure out how to manifest these abundances into your life.

The program comes in the form of digital audio tracks you can download or stream to listen to anywhere you are in the world. The primary program audio tracks are complemented by bonus audios for an even better understanding of the program and easier manifestation.

But, it’s most important to note that the Shambala Secret is not a phony program just like any other program you find online claiming to teach you how to manifest. Instead, this program is truly effective and backed by scientific factual evidence.

In fact, The Shambala Secret Reviews is supported by numerous studies, including those published by authorities such as the National Center for Biomedical Information, the University of San Francisco, and ScienceDirect. Moreover, the program’s creator brings with him extensive experience in the field and in-depth research knowledge focusing on the Shambala Secret guide.

The Shambala Secret is created by David Chandler, an expert in manifestation, who spent extended periods researching the program. According to the author, he developed the program from a lady named Aria he met during his short work stint in the Himalayas.

According to David, he spent time learning her ways and proper meditation practices. With more in-depth research, he could devise a more effective and result-yielding way to manifest. According to David, the Shambala Secret program can help boost your subconscious and attract the things you truly want in life, whether money, happiness, love, or peace.

In fact, David has designed the program into digital audio tracks you can listen to anywhere to adapt to our modern, fast-paced lives. The program is designed to work for any adult aged 18 years and older, both men and women.

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Still have more questions about the program before placing your order? This Shambala Secret review can help answer any questions you still have about the program, including how it works, the science behind it, and even the cost.

What is the Shambala Secret?

The Shambala Secret Reviews is a digital program designed to help you manifest and attract financial wealth, stress-free life, a rewarding job, happy relationships, or anything else you want in life. The program is equipped with scientifically proven and effective meditation tricks so you can attract anything you want in life.

The program comes in digital format (you can stream it online or download it) and is composed of 22-minute audio tracks you can listen to for up to 9 consecutive days.  These audio offers deep meditation guidance and trains your brain on how to manifest what you want while eliminating negative thinking indefinitely.

The audio tracks included in the program follow a series of brain training stages. These include opening your closed energies, eliminating negative thoughts, and unleashing your manifesting powers.

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How Does Shambala Secret Work?

The Shambala Secret Reviews works by teaching you how to manifest what you want in life, whether financial stability, fruitful relationships, or a rewarding job. The program comes in the form of digital audio tracks intended to transform the workings of your subconscious mind.

To unleash your manifestation powers, the program first eliminates negative thoughts and transforms you into having a positive mindset. This makes it easier to achieve what you truly want in life as you become a more receptive being. You will find that the program contains meditative audios, a blend of powerful sounds, and manifestation audio waves.

Using the Shambala secret helps you discover the following;

  • Strange neurological explanation to why the mind gravity phenomenon keeps you stuck and unable to manifest what you want – and why the one percent want to keep you stuck in scarcity
  • The Dos and Don’ts of when you receive a possible sign from your guardian angel
  • Identify if the mind gravity phenomena have affected your love life and how to foster a love-filled, unconditional relationship filled with intimacy and satisfying sexual intimacy

But, to truly understand and appreciate the workings of the Shambala Secret, it is essential to understand its history first.

It dates back to 1938 during a secret Nazi expedition to the Himalayas. This expedition was led by zoologist Ernst Schafer and had an official mission of collecting unusual plant and animal specimens. But, in reality, the true expedition was led by Heinrich Himmler, the leader of the SS, with the sole mission of acquiring the legendary power of psychokinetic energy.

The ultimate goal was to create super soldiers called the Vril-ya that could create reality at the speed of thought. These soldiers would be the SS’s secret weapon during the coming World war. Fortunately, the expedition was unsuccessful with failure to discover this secret manifestation power.

It remained hidden in the Tibetan mountains for decades to come until now, when it was uncovered by the creator of the Shambala Secret during his visit to the Tibetan mountains.

You can learn more about the history of the Shambala Secret here

The Shambala Secret Workings

Now, the Shambala Secret works by following a phenomenon called Mind Gravity. It is key to note that the Mind Gravity phenomenon can either work for you or against you. Now, The Shambala Secret Reviews works by fostering the positives of the mind gravity.

The program comes in the form of a 22-minute digital audio track. Further, the Shambala Secret audio is divided into three key phases each designated to optimize its effectiveness.

Phase 1: Introduction

The first induction phase is designed to help you transition from your conscious operating system to a subconscious operating system. This is an essential step because your conductor (your true self and where you want to be) lives in your subconscious.

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Here, your conductor is made receptive and ready to receive instructions. The induction phase comprises an audible guided meditation with Gamma brainwaves and an immersive 3D auditory experience.

Phase 2: Subversion

The subversion phase is all about meditation. This phase is completely subliminal, explaining its name. This means that it is not audible, so your ears won’t hear its guided meditation. However, your subconscious mind will. In fact, according to the creator of The Shambala Secret Reviews, the subconscious mind can process nearly 500,000 times more information than the conscious mind.

This phase targets where your limiting beliefs, fears and doubts, and shame and darkness live. It then transforms this place into a reality of abundance. At this phase, the Shambala Secret manages to train the subconscious conductor to focus its attention from the old into the new reality. The subliminal meditation in this phase is combined with gamma brainwaves and 3D sounds.

Phase 3: Re-Awakening

The third phase optimizes the subliminal phase. This phase features a short audible guided meditation to blend the subconscious realm into the conscious one. It helps you return to an alert and empowered state of relaxed energy.

Now, this is why The Shambala Secret Reviews is a unique “meditation” program. This is because you don’t have to try to meditate or struggle to change your mindset with this program. Instead, the proprietary brainwave frequencies do all that for you.

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Who Can Try The Shambala Secret?

The Shambala Secret Reviews program is designated to work for anyone over the age of 18 years old, both men and women. The program is specially designed for people who are experiencing problems in their lives. This can be anything from financial instability, and relationship troubles, to draining jobs, or just loneliness.

It works by teaching you how to transform your mindset and manifest what you truly want in life, whether financial wealth or an unconditionally loving relationship with your partner. The best part of using the Shambala Secret program is that you don’t have to pair it with any tools or resources.

As mentioned above, you don’t even have to strain yourself trying to “meditate” or “change your mindset”. Instead, the guided meditations and brainwave frequencies in the audio tracks do all this for you to ensure you are successful. All that’s needed from your side is simply your commitment.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using the Shambala Secret?

  • Targets your more powerful subconscious mind to unleashes your positive manifestation power
  • Helps you manifest the things you want the most in life
  • It improves financial stability, relationships, jobs, health, and overall lifestyle
  • Boosts a more positive and happy mood and behavior
  • Attracts a sense of relaxation and peace in your life
  • Promotes unlimited abundance and prosperity in your life
  • You don’t need to know how to “meditate” or struggle to “change your mindset” – the audio track does it for you through brainwave frequencies

Pros of the Shambala Secret

  • Extremely user friendly design
  • Scientifically backed by research
  • fully digital – you can stream or download to listen anywhere via smart device
  • No shipping costs to worry about
  • Frequent discounts, bonuses, and gifts for customers
  • Works for all adults aged 18 years and older
  • Reasonable refund policy with a money-back guarantee

Cons of the Shambala Secret

  • It is exclusively available to purchase from the official site]
  • It may take time for some people to see its results
  • Requires full commitment

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How Much Does the Shambala Secret Cost?

TODAY, you can get the full Shambala Secret program for only $39 instead of the standard $353. The $39 cost is a limited-time discounted price that is only guaranteed if you purchase the program TODAY. This affordable discounted price is a one-time payoff that gives you lifetime access to the Shambala Secret.

So, you don’t have to worry about repeated costs, subscription fees, or any other extra program costs. You will even have access to free lifetime updates of the program should there be any. Additionally, the program is fully digital- so there aren’t any shipping costs to worry about footing.

For the $39 investment, you will receive the full program along with the limited offer bonus gifts. But, did you know that you can save an extra $10 and receive the program with some bonus gifts (but, n new bonuses) for only $29, TODAY? It’s all up to you to decide which offer you want.

Here’s what you will receive for $29:

  • The Shambala Secret audio track ($97 value): This is the only subconscious conductor reprogramming-based manifestation program on the market. The 22-minute audio also comes with a Shambala Secret Quick Start Guide to get you started TODAY. You will also find a bonus chapter on a never released before Golden Money Manifestation Technique.
  • Bonus 1: The Healing Wind ($37): An audio powerful “quick hit” guided meditation for when you have limited time but are feeling heavy, overwhelmed, or just a little blah.
  • Bonus 2: The Sleeping Ocean ($57 value): A calming ocean sounds and Tibetan singing bowls audio for harmonizing your brain waves to promote sound and relaxing sleep.
  • Bonus 3: The Golden Sunrise ($37 value): A 5-minute track based on the brainwaves of positivity and focus. It pairs with morning sounds to help you start your day awake and alert.

Here’s what you will receive for $39;

In addition to the main Shambala Secret audio and the three bonuses (The Healing Wind, The Sleeping Ocean, and The Golden Sunrise), you will receive two new extra bonuses.

  • New Bonus 1: The Shambala Secret Bliss Version ($29 value) – An instrumental version of the Shambala Secret. It helps you achieve peace and also comes in handy when you want to meditate at your own pace.
  • New Bonus 2: Chakra Healing Sounds ($97 value): A 7-track program to help you unblock, cleanse, and heal your chakras so that you can experience uninterrupted progress while using the main Shambala Secret track.

You can also add two additional resources to your batch for an extra $9.95 each. These include the Tibetan Energy Cleanse (to help you release stress and anxiety) and the Awakening Your Intuition (to help you tap into your inner wisdom). Each of these bonuses comes in a digital audio format.

The Shambala Secret is only available to buy on the official program website online. So, you will not find the program listed for sale anywhere else, whether online or offline. You will not even find it on popular marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay. In fact, If you purchase The Shambala Secret Reviews program outside the official site (even an authentic one), you automatically forfeit the guaranteed refund policy.

On the other hand, purchasing it from the official site comes with numerous perks in addition to the refund policy. The official site protects you from scammers and duplicators to ensure you receive the authentic product. Further, the official site offers numerous customer perks such as frequent discounts, gifts, and bonuses.

You will also benefit from the site and payment gateway’s secure encryption that protects your personal and financial information. The site also gives you access to various payment options, including popular credit cards and PayPal.

Shambala Secret Refund Policy

Every copy of The Shambala Secret Reviews you purchase comes with a risk-free 100% 365-day money-back guarantee. This means that you have up to a year from the original purchase date to use the program to decide if it’s right for you.

If you are not satisfied with it during this period, you can request a full refund with zero questions asked. Once your request is approved, it takes up to 48 hours for your refund to be credited into your account.

Conclusion: Shambala Secret Reviews

If you want to transform your life, The Shambala Secret Reviews is one hopeful program to help you do so. Sure, the journey will not be easy. But, what has a positive life-changing experience ever been easy? Yet, the good news is you have this well rounded program to assist you throughout the journey.

Plus, unlike other “meditation” programs, this scientifically backed program lets the frequency waves do the hard job of helping you meditate and transform your mindset subconsciously.

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