You see the growth in readership of physical books, e-books & audiobooks in the past year has been phenomenal.

Can you imagine the profit potential if you combine both books and affiliate marketing?

I know the results were going to be absolutely mind-blowing.

If you haven’t started thinking about building a book affiliate website for yourself, you are leaving huge money on the table.

However, creating a travel affiliate website is a daunting task because it takes time to build a site from scratch. Plus, many online marketers or website owners have a headache with many issues including:

  • Hosting, domain, freelancers, and writing blog posts will cost you a lot of money
  • It requires complicated web design skills
  • It needs huge research time + working time to collect books for your site, even writing book summaries, and relevant blog posts need an army of employees to do

What if there is a brand new ground-breaking software that creates completely automated and done-for-you book affiliate websites instantly loaded with 100,000+ novels, and comics under 130+ categories in just a click? All I mentioned above will be covered in one wonderful product named NovelPro.

After you pick up your copy of NovelPro, you can have a fully functional web novel books site loaded with 100,000 novels and high-quality content that’s optimized for search engine rankings.

Interested? If you answer yes then you need to check my NovelPro Review below now!

NovelPRO is a one-in-a-million app that helps you publish your online books in hot niches on your own websites and take full advantage to cash in big time.

NovelPRO FE: NovelPRO


NovelPRO OTO 1: NovelPRO MAX


NovelPRO OTO 2: NovelPRO Advanced


NovelPRO OTO 3: NovelPRO DFY


NovelPRO OTO 4: NovelPRO Agency


NovelPRO OTO 5: NovelPRO Reseller


NovelPRO OTO 6: NovelPRO Whitelabel



  • No need for domain and hosting purchase.
  • COMPLETE Done-For-You Money-Making Sites.
  • Can use with existing domain or our subdomain
  • Website edit with different options like social links, meta options, email, site title and favicon
  • Article(Website Pages) option with add and delete content facility
  • Keyword Replace option to traffic generation.
  • Banners and advertisement code with different positions like top header, left menu, footer.
  • Crawl and scrape web novels from &
  • Scrape by manga URL or by keyword search
  • Scrape by web novel URL or by keyword search
  • Automatically run by a schedule and crawl multiple mangas and scrape all their chapters
  • Manually run importing of chapters for manga or web novels
  • SEO optimized
  • HTTPS SSL supported
  • Full documentation with training videos
  • Proxy and headless browser support – bypass scraper protection with ease
  • Automatically add additional info to manga and web novels like: title, description, featured image, release date, author, artists, tags and genres (manga categories)
  • Automatically translate web novels to any language using Google Translate (premium or free API), Microsoft Bing Translator API or DeepL Translator API
  • Enable/disable comments for the generated manga or web novels
  • Enable/disable pingbacks/trackbacks for the generated manga or web novels
  • Add your own custom warning message that will be displayed on all scraped manga/web novel chapters
  • Publish scraped manga automatically, or set it as draft/pending and publish it manually
  • Theme, which this application uses has full responsive design, it is also fully mobile compatible
  • Optimized for speed – no performance impact
  • More than 30 Sharing buttons.
  • Responsive design
  • Real members joining your site and building it for you.
  • Automatic traffic generation with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
  • You can fill your sites with quality content in minutes – without ever writing a single word yourself
  • It has all the functionality of a billion dollar site like Digg – and it looks like a million bucks too!
  • Full monetization, including a very clever feature I have never seen in WordPress before.
  • It looks like a million bucks right out of the “box”, but with a ton of one click customization options to make it your own.
  • Users can sign up for an account so they can bookmark stuff on your site, and vote other stuff up and down… And you of course get the leads added to your list!
  • It comes with bookmarking applets and social media buttons you can get other people to put on their sites & thus have them build your content for you.
  • But you can also run one of these sites to great effect without ever getting any users bookmarking anything for you!
  • It has loads of inbuilt traffic generation features like integration with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
  • It’s fully monetized with widget ready sidebars, footer, our own “patented” theme ads and some really clever extra ad spaces
  • Never write a single post. Fill your sites with quality content in minutes all with a few clicks
  • Have real members lining up to join your site and build it for you on auto pilot.
  • Automatic traffic generation with Tumblr Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & more – Including Facebook comments!
  • Automatically build your list and have all new members added to your auto responder of choice.
  • Full monetization, including in theme ads automatically inserted into all your pages
  • Integration with Aweber, GetResponse & all major auto responders. You can now get your new members & leads deposited directly into your list of choice!
  • New step-by-step set up wizard with bite sized tutorial videos, right where you need them when you need them
  • Major upgrades to performance, backend and ease of customisation
  • Integrated theme ads that will appear among your posts, for an even more effective monetisation
  • And much, much more…