EverBella Complete Biotin Plus Reviews – Does It Work?


Complete Biotin Plus Reviews is a hair loss supplement product from EverBella.

Designed using micelle liposomal technology, Complete Biotin Plus Reviews claims to stop and reverse hair loss in women, helping women regain their youthful, glowing, and beautiful hair.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Complete Biotin Plus and how it works today in our review.

What is Complete Biotin Plus?

EverBella has launched a new hair loss treatment formula called Complete Biotin Plus. Officially known as EverBella Micelle Liposomal Complete Biotin Plus, the liquid supplement claims to fix bald spots, reverse hair loss in women, and help women regrow their natural, beautiful hair.

EverBella markets Complete Biotin Plus Reviews to women who have recently noticed more hair loss than normal. Some women lose hair when pregnant, for example, or when they have recently given birth. Others lose hair when going through menopause. Some women lose hair simply because of stress.

Millions of women suffer from premature hair loss. Complete Biotin Plus claims to be the ultimate solution for women of all ages.

How Does EverBella Complete Biotin Plus Work?

Complete Biotin Plus  Reviews works using a cinnamon bun-flavored formula. The formula features a blend of natural ingredients designed to make new keratin and regrow hair naturally.

By drinking one serving (one tablespoon) of Complete Biotin Plus’s cinnamon bun-flavored formula daily, women can purportedly regrow their hair within weeks.

According to CompleteBiotinPlus.com, the formula doesn’t just support hair growth and thicken existing hair; instead, Complete Biotin Plus Reviews specifically claims to regrow hair – including hair you’ve already lost in bald spots.

In before and after images on the official EverBella website, we see Complete Biotin Plus eliminating bald spots, regrowing hair in women of all ages, and transforming the appearance of multiple women.

Other hair loss treatments contain similar ingredients, but Complete Biotin Plus Reviews is specifically designed to maximize absorption via its micelle liposomal formula. Complete Biotin Plus Reviews is easier for your body to absorb by wrapping the active ingredients in protective fat molecules. That means more active ingredients end up in your bloodstream, where they can begin to do their work.

Complete Biotin Plus Reviews was developed by a woman named Cristina Marie, who struggled with hair loss after giving birth. Cristina tried various natural hair loss treatments, but nothing worked. Doctors and dermatologists couldn’t tell Cristina why she was losing her hair. Cristina tested different formulas and treatments, then developed Complete Biotin Plus.

Who Made Complete Biotin Plus? About Cristina Marie

Complete Biotin Plus Reviews was developed by a woman named Cristina Marie.

After giving birth, Cristina experienced premature hair loss. It left her feeling hopeless, scared, depressed, and embarrassed.

Over a few months, Cristina watched her beautiful hair fade away and fall out. She worried she would lose her husband and become known as the “weird bald lady.”

Cristina started to research natural cures for hair loss. She tried biotin supplements, silica formulas, and other topical and oral solutions. She changed her diet. She worked out and stopped working out. She saw a naturopathic doctor, a dermatologist, and multiple Chinese healers. After all of this work, she saw zero results.

Nobody could tell Cristina why her hair was falling out.

That’s when Cristina decided to take matters into her own hands. She started researching hair loss treatments online. She attended beauty and wellness expos across the United States.

To make a long story short, Cristina started experimenting with different hair loss formulas. She applied her final “cinnamon bun” formula to her scalp, then experienced significant hair regrowth.

In “before” images, we see Cristina with noticeable bald spots on her head, including areas where hair no longer appeared to grow. In “after” images, we see those bald spots have completely disappeared, and Complete Biotin Plus has regrown hair in previously bald areas of the scalp.

Cristina got these results without hair implants, surgery, topical serums, or medicated options.

EverBella Complete Biotin Plus Versus Other Hair Loss Treatments

If you’re dealing with hair loss, then you have several options. Some women use wigs, while others use FDA-approved hair loss medications like minoxidil (Rogaine).

However, the makers of Complete Biotin Plus Reviews advertise the product as a superior alternative. Other conventional hair loss treatments have various downsides, including:

  • Hair implants and high-end wigs are expensive, and they don’t give you your hair back
  • Serums and leave-in conditioners make your hair feel softer, but they rarely regrow hair or affect balding in a significant way
  • Medications like Rogaine/minoxidil require you to use the product every day, and your hair begins to fall out as soon as you stop using the product
  • Other hair loss products promise to work yet are not proven to have any significant impact on hair growth
  • Supplements with similar ingredients to Complete Biotin Plus (like biotin) may contain the right ingredients, but they don’t work because your body struggles to absorb them

For all these reasons, the makers of Complete Biotin Plus believe their product is the best way to stop hair loss and regrow hair you have already lost.

Complete Biotin Plus Ingredients

EverBella Complete Biotin Plus contains a blend of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and plant-based nutrients to regrow hair and reverse baldness in women.

The full list of ingredients includes:

Ingredient #1: Biotin: Biotin is one of the world’s best-known hair loss supplement ingredients. Many of the world’s most popular hair loss supplements contain biotin. It’s a plentiful and foundational nutrient your body needs to create keratin, collagen, and other ingredients important in skin and hair. You can find biotin supplements for a cheaper price than Complete Biotin Plus. However, the makers of Complete Biotin Plus specifically designed the biotin in the formula to maximize absorption. Instead of losing the biotin to your stomach acid, you can absorb more of the biotin thanks to the micelle liposomal formula. Other hair loss supplements are a waste of money because of poor absorption, but the biotin in Complete Biotin Plus is easy for your body to absorb.

Ingredient #2: Vitamin D3: Complete Biotin Plus Reviews  contains vitamin D3, a type of vitamin D to regulate hormone levels and dictate hair growth. Vitamin D3 helps direct nutrients where they need to go to maximize hair growth. Although we don’t often think of vitamin D and hair growth, studies show people who are deficient in vitamin D also tend to have a higher risk of hair loss. In fact, vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common shared factors for people with receding hair. Taking the vitamin D3 in Complete Biotin Plus daily can help regulate hormone levels, helping you stay balanced during pregnancy, menopause, and high-stress situations – all of which typically lead to hair loss.

Ingredient #3: Black Cumin Seed Oil: Complete Biotin Plus contains black cumin seeds. Also known as Nigella sativa, these seeds have been used for centuries to reduce inflammation, improve immunity, boost white blood cell counts, support brain health, lower cholesterol, improve asthma symptoms, and improve digestion, among other benefits. The black cumin seed oil in Complete Biotin Plus can purportedly benefit skin and hair growth, helping your skin lock in moisture while stimulating cell growth, particularly in the hair follicles on your scalp.

Ingredient #4: Pumpkin Seed Oil: Complete Biotin Plus Reviews contains pumpkin seed oil, which affects the hormones that target hair growth. According to the makers of Complete Biotin Plus, the pumpkin seed oil in the liquid formula will “override the hormonal signals that black hair grows,” allowing your hair to keep growing without being stopped by hormonal blockers. Your hormones may be actively blocking your hair growth, and the pumpkin seed oil blocks this activity to target the root cause of hair loss.

Ingredient #5: Selenium: Complete Biotin Plus contains selenium, a crucial mineral for regulating your thyroid and the hormones your thyroid produces. When your thyroid functions optimally, you have good support for mood, stress, and hair growth. When you’re low in selenium, your mood and hormone production may be unaligned, leading to hair loss issues.

Ingredient #6: Cinnamon: One of the ingredients that make Complete Biotin Plus unique is cinnamon. It gives the formula its unique cinnamon bun flavor. Cinnamon isn’t just a flavor; it also plays a crucial role in Complete Biotin Plus’s hair growth effects. According to the manufacturer of Complete Biotin Plus, cinnamon is “just as effective as common hair growth drugs,” according to some studies. Other studies have shown cinnamon can fight off dandruff and dryness. Of course, it also tastes great, making Complete Biotin Plus more palatable.

The EverBella formula is non-GMO, natural, and contains zero gluten, sugar, soy, corn, yeast, dairy, wheat, and other common allergens.

Scientific Evidence for Complete Biotin Plus

The FDA has only approved two treatments for hair loss, including minoxidil and finasteride. However, according to CompleteBiotinPlus , the liquid formula can also regrow hair. Is there any scientific evidence for this claim? Can a simple oral supplement regrow lost hair?

One of the largest reviews on biotin and hair loss was published in Skin Appendage Disorders in 2017. In the study, researchers reviewed 18 trials on biotin and hair loss. Researchers acknowledged biotin was a popular treatment for hair loss, although they found a “lack of sufficient evidence for supplementation in healthy individuals.” Unless you’re particularly deficient in biotin, taking a biotin supplement may not be necessary or useful.

Can cinnamon impact hair loss as advertised by Complete Biotin Plus? According to one study, cinnamon could affect papilla cell proliferation and hair growth. In the study, researchers applied a water-based cinnamon extract to mice, then observed significant hair growth effects. Researchers found cinnamon extract worked because it contained cinnamic aldehyde and cinnamic acid, which appear to impact hair growth.

Pumpkin seed oil could help hair growth. In one study published in 2014, researchers gave pumpkin seed oil to men with hair loss. After 24 weeks of taking 400mg of pumpkin seed oil daily, researchers found significant improvements in men in the pumpkin seed group compared to a placebo. Men who took pumpkin seed oil had 40% increases in mean hair count after 24 weeks compared to increases of 10% in the placebo group. Researchers believe pumpkin seed oil works by blocking the action of 5-alpha reductase, a major contributor to hair loss in men.

Overall, EverBella Complete Biotin Plus contains a blend of popular and proven hair growth ingredients. Studies show these ingredients can help support hair growth by giving your body the nutrients it needs to grow hair.

Complete Biotin Plus Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The maker of Complete Biotin Plus Reviews claims the formula regrows hair and fixed her bald spots within weeks. What do customers say about Complete Biotin Plus? Can the formula really regrow hair, fix receding hairlines, and eliminate bald spots in women?

Here are some of the reviews shared by customers online at CompleteBiotinPlus.com:

One customer has experienced noticeable benefits after using Complete Biotin Plus Reviews for 3 weeks. Before taking the formula, her hair in the front was sparse and thin; after taking the formula, she noticed new growth along with thicker and fuller hair in areas with existing growth.

Multiple customers report loving the taste of Complete Biotin Plus Reviews. Most agree it tastes like a cinnamon bun, making it easy to drink one spoonful of Complete Biotin Plus daily.

One 55-year-old customer claims she “sees new hair growth” after a few weeks of using the formula. She also claims to sleep better and have more energy.

A 35-year-old reviewer has tried powders, gummies, and other supplements to reverse her hair loss, but nothing worked. After using for a few weeks, her hair looks shinier and has less breakage, and her skin has fewer breakouts, and her nails aren’t as brittle. She has also noticed better energy levels.

Some customers recommend leaving Complete Biotin Plus in the fridge to thicken the liquid, making it easier to take daily.

One 47-year-old reviewer claims Complete Biotin Plus Reviews has completely transformed her hair. In fact, her hairdresser states it’s “like styling a different person’s hair.” She started using Complete Biotin Plus in May 2022 and has noticed a significant improvement in thinning areas, claiming her hair is growing faster than ever

Multiple reviewers have found Complete Biotin Plus works during and after pregnancy to reduce hair loss. One woman claims she sees “new tiny hairs growing” along her hairline after dealing with postpartum hair loss, for example.

Other reviewers have successfully used Complete Biotin Plus to deal with menopause-related hair loss. One woman claims Complete Biotin Plus balanced her hormones and boosted hair growth with an all-in-one formula. After taking Complete Biotin Plus for 3 months, she has noticed new growth, and her hair is no longer dry and brittle.

Complete Biotin Plus is primarily marketed to women. However, EverBella claims the formula works on men and women. The ingredients in the formula are just as important for male and female bodies, and some men take Complete Biotin Plus to reverse baldness and regrow hair.

Overall, reviewers indicate Complete Biotin Plus works as advertised to regrow hair in areas where hair has stopped growing, fix receding hairlines and bald spots, thicken existing hair and transform the overall appearance of your hair, among other benefits.

Complete Biotin Plus Pricing

Complete Biotin Plus is priced at $33.75 to $44.95 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when you order Complete Biotin Plus online today:

  • 2 Bottles (1 Month Supply): $89.90 + $8.99 Shipping ($44.95 per bottle)
  • 4 Bottles (2 Month Supply): $153 + $9.99 Shipping ($38.25 per bottle)
  • 6 Bottles (3 Month Supply): $202.50 + $10.49 Shipping ($33.75 per bottle)

Each bottle contains 15 servings or 15 tablespoon-sized servings. Each 2-bottle package is a 30-day (1 month) supply of Complete Biotin Plus. You take one serving daily to reverse hair loss and support existing hair growth.


Complete Biotin Plus Refund Policy

Complete Biotin Plus is backed by a 180-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with Complete Biotin Plus Reviews for any reason within 6 months, or if you did not experience significant hair growth benefits with the formula, then you are entitled to a full refund with no questions asked.

About EverBella

Complete Biotin Plus was developed by a beauty company named EverBella.

EverBella teamed up with Cristina Marie to develop the formula. Cristina experienced early hair loss and tried various solutions, yet nothing worked. After testing various natural hair loss supplement ingredients, she refined the Complete Biotin Plus formula and rapidly regrow hair, reversed balding, and transformed the appearance of her scalp.

You can contact Cristina Marie and the EverBella customer service team via the following:

Final Word

Complete Biotin Plus is a hair loss supplement marketed to women with hair loss of all levels of severity.

By taking the cinnamon bun-flavored  Complete Biotin Plus Reviews  formula daily, you can purportedly regrow hair, reverse baldness, and rapidly solve all types of hair growth and hair loss problems. The formula primarily targets women and purportedly works on women of all ages. However, men can also use the formula to regrow hair.

To learn more about Complete Biotin Plus and how it works, or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website at CompleteBiotinPlus.com.

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