Frustrated Rocket League players, led by means of Treyven ‘Lethamyr’ Robitaille, have called on developers Psyonix to add a custom map writer to the explosive Rocket League Trading football identify.It’s honest to count on that Rocket League’s player count number has risen quite substantially following its release as a loose to play name.

Psyonix took the decision to make their 2015 identify free to all players, however plainly some greater experienced players accept as true with the game is becoming stale off the lower back of this decision.One of these players is Canadian Rocket League seasoned Lethamyr, who is currently part of The mustyteers’ energetic roster. On October 24, he published a series of tweets criticizing the stagnant kingdom of the sport, and referred to as on its builders to feature greater assist for custom map designs.

A month has surpassed for the reason that Free to Play update and there’s no new gameplay content material (I don’t keep in mind tournaments a new way to play the game),” he tweeted. “Watch my video that’s popping out in 4 mins and tell me why this shouldn’t be in the sport, and beginning REACHING OUT to those amazing individuals who are trying to make Rocket League better for FREE.”

Unsurprisingly, Lethamyr’s video doubles down on his requires custom map help to be brought, even threatening to cease the sport if the features aren't added.

He observed up with one very last tweet, asking what number of RL Trading eople want to name for the modifications for Psyonix to add them: “So Rocket League how many signatures on a petition wouldn't it take to have more Custom Map aid? I feel like I’m already looking forward to no response however we gotta strive.”