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XYZ Corp users are experiencing delays in the application that you suspect is related to the database. Which two option do you recommend to isolate the issue? (Choose Two)
A. Write Pega logs to the database server.
B. Investigate when the database is used most heavily.
C. Lower query-time-related alert thresholds.
D. Increase the threshold for blob-size alerts.
Answer: B,C

A case can be withdrawn using a local action. You want to restrict the ability to withdraw a case to the user who created the case or any work group manager of the user. Select three rule types used in combination to achieve this functionality. (choose three)
A. Access Deny
B. Access When
C. Access Control Policy
D. Access of Role to Object
E. Privilege
Answer: A,D,E

In order to produce a complete view of a customer, a customer service (CS) application requires reference data from multiple external systems. The customer data resides on a customer info page in a parent case type. The data on the Customer Info Page is also used by some of its subcases. Sometimes, the connectors that populate the data page are slow. Which two of the following approaches for handling the required reference data from the external systems uses the least system resources? (Choose Two.)
A. Use Case Designer data propagation to copy the data to the subcases to populate the page contents.
B. Use the Load-DataPage method to initiate the population of the page contents.
C. Use the system of Record (SOR) data access pattern to populate the page contents.
D. Use the Snapshot data access pattern to populate the page contents.
Answer: B,C

What two recommendations do you provide to the development team to ensure the performance of the Pega application does not degrade over time? (Choose Two)
A. Add indexes to all columns.
B. Purge workparty UUI index tables periodically.
C. Schedule scripts to maintain frequently fragmented tables.
D. Purge and/or archive records based on the company's record retention policy.
Answer: C,D

You are working on an insurance claims application that receives claims through email. The company receives 500 emails per hour. the insurance company promises a 24-hour response time to receives and verify the clain. After the claim is verified. The system automatically responds with email containing the claim ID. The application is developed in the Pega cloud environment. The production environment is currently running on premises. What is your recommendation to ensure that insurance company can meet the 24-hour response time requirement for claims submitted by email?
A. Recommend the insurance company change its policy to allow for a broader processing window.
B. Recommend the insurance company use an advanced agent to verify claims and respond.
C. Recommend the insurance company use an email lister with concurrent threats.
D. Recommend the insurance company use an MDB listener instead of an email listener.
Answer: A

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