An eagle-eyed Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan has observed a brand new residence design that doesn’t appear to Animal Crossing Items belong to any of the modern villagers.

In a image that turned into shared via Nintendo while saying the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons replace 2.Zero we are able to see a inexperienced and terracotta-colored house which doesn’t appear to belong to any of the current villagers in the sport.

One theory is that the Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be introducing some new villagers soon, as one Reddit consumer indicates: “This house in the update teaser does no longer seem to healthy the homes of any of the prevailing 497 villagers in New Horizons. Does this suggest we are having another new villager?”

According to Animal Crossing World, the advent of a new villager could make sense - a recent dig into Nintendo’s Amiibo information discovered a massive hole in registered cards/figures that may trace towards doubtlessly 103 new Amiibos being synthetic for considered one of Nintendo’s many IPs. What suggestions at it being Animal Crossing related is the wide variety of gaps to be had and the quantity of villagers there are already in-game.

Nintendo did previously re-launch its Buy Animal Crossing Items Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sanrio Amiibo gadgets and made them well suited with the Nintendo Switch. These objects - and themed villagers - are only obtainable through a hard and fast of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sanrio Amiibo playing cards, which were so famous they sold out inside seconds on release. 

This re-release will be because of Nintendo wanting to make use of its Amiibo generation extra in the game, especially thinking about villagers that have been introduced in New Horizons are but to get their own Amiibo playing cards.