Among the game modes on Madden 23 is the classic Franchise. With new player Motivations and Tags as part of Free Agency negotiations, streamlined Scouting features, and enhanced transaction logic, Franchise mode provides a more immersive and authentic experience. In order to build your own Dynasty in this mode, we have made a list of tips for beginners.

Getting Started

When setting up your Franchise, you’ll first need to decide whether you want to play online or offline. Playing online means your Franchise will have live NFL rosters, ratings, and statistics that reflect reality. Choosing offline will simply load the 75-man roster set at the preseason’s beginning. Unless you have connectivity issues, it’s highly recommended to play online.

All that needs to be done after selecting Franchise mode is deciding which roster you would like to choose: Real-life or Active. And you need to formulate a strategy to pick out the best players you can to make a perfect team. Here, you have one of two options: either old, more experienced players with an overall higher rating or younger players with a lot of room to improve. 

Choose Your Role

For the complete Franchise experience, you’ll want to be the Owner. You control everything being at the top of the chain of management. You set the stadiums, you set the prices, and you oversee everything except the management side of the team.

If the financial responsibilities of being the Owner are too much, you can stick with simply being the Coach, and you will be in control of the contract negotiations, building the squad, and the strategic side of the team. You can even leave this team and switch to a different team all in the same save. Or be a Player. This is completely different from the other two roles, and you got basically no control over the team. You will be starting as an NFL rookie, or you can take control of an existing player and build your career and climb to the top of the ratings.

Scouting Players

In years past, scouting in Madden’s franchise mode really just came down to analyzing each player’s NFL Combine stats and base grades for a few key attributes. Now, in Madden 23, the entire scouting process has been altered to offer a much more in-depth and authentic experience.

From the first week of the regular season, you’ll be able to hire scouts and prioritize which region and position they evaluate. Each week, you’ll receive reports on the draft class that will help you prepare for the NFL draft at the end of the season. 

Play The Game

Once your team is ready to go, there are three different ways to play: Play The Moments, Play Full Game, or play only Offense or Defense.

If you’re looking for a quality experience without spending too much time, Play The Moments is a perfect choice. Roughly 20 minutes of game time, this mode simulates much of the “boring” plays in football and only taps you in for the crucial plays. Playing the complete game gives you the most control but comes at the cost of nearly an hour of game time, depending on the length of each quarter. After each game, you’ll have to answer a media question that will provide various boosts or hindrances to your Franchise. Also, before each game, you’ll have the opportunity to prepare for your opponent. Practice days can be adjusted to follow a specific strategy that coincides with the opposing team’s offensive and defensive tendencies. 

Following these simple tips will benefit you in Madden 23 Franchise mode. And if you want to know more, please browse our game hub. What’s more, you can infinitely buy mut 23 coins here to improve your game and give yourself an advantage over rivals by upgrading or buying strong players. These coins are not only cheap but 100% safe!