Boosting has always been exceptionally powerful, with a powerful area effect capability that combines enemies in this dungeon for one-shot kills. With its powerful AOE and crowd control abilities, Mages can slow down or freeze enemies in place. Many high-level mages and paladins began to sell their services to low-level characters, but many WOW Classic players complained.

The dungeon has always been one of the best places for players to kill monsters to earn WOW Classic Gold, and thus the most lucrative place. It's worth mentioning that the Burning Crusade Classic update has patched the ability of high-level characters to boost low-level characters in dungeons. Now, dungeons prevent players from being grouped. There is an XP penalty for grouping low-level players with high-level players, another change to the combat boost.

Those who provide Boosting services earn WOW Classic TBC Gold that is often used for "illegal activities," most of which are Boosting-earned Gold sold back to players through third-party sites that violate the game's terms of service. If players want to Buy WOW Gold online, please choose an experienced supplier such as RPGStash to ensure the security of the game account.

Many players are satisfied with these changes, but some people are uneasy because of the Boosting service. Boosting has become the preferred method of leveling up new characters, many players use boosting to quickly reach the highest level, and players who level up traditionally have difficulty finding other players in the world to team up for dungeons or quests.

Players who abuse Boosting should be punished by Blizzard. However, many players do not have enough time to devote themselves to the game. For those mechanical Farming Gold, the best way is to find the help of suppliers, to avoid being banned, please choose a reliable supplier.

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Origin Article: WOW Classic TBC: Dungeon Boosting Services Hit by Blizzard