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New client is going to migrate to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Website is ready to be live but just is missing the customers and previous orders.
What should we do?
A. Send a ticket to Salesforce to publish the new site and import later missing data.
B. There are no blockers. If everything else is working, the site can go live.
C. Import at least orders before going live.
D. Change Site status from password protected to live and import missing data when ready.
Answer: C

A retail company currently uses B2C Commerce and Marketing Cloud to enable a seamless customer experience. They are evaluating tools to better support customer service activities like their call center for online ordering and social customer service.
Which two functionalities should a Solution Architect discuss with the company to explain the value of Service Cloud? Choose 2 answers
A. Ability to create a B2C storefront using Digital Experiences.
B. Ability to de-duplicate and create a single customer identity.
C. Ability to allow the agent to see purchase history to support case management
D. Ability to have a customer leave a journey when they have an escalated case.
Answer: B, C

A company is beginning a multi-cloud implementation involving B2C Commerce and Service Cloud. The company wants to trace configuration and code changes as much as possible and ensure basic standards for code quality.
Which three options should a Solution Architect recommend to help the company with this goal?
Choose 3 answers
A. GIT Repository
B. Static Code Analysis tools
C. CI/CD Pipelines
D. Smoke testing
E. Salesforce DX
Answer: A, B, C

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to integrate its product information management (PIM) system with B2C Commerce so shopping experiences can be relevant, personalized, and seamless across channels. They need the ability to search for product deltas in the PIM system and reflect those changes in B2C Commerce on a scheduled basis. The Solution Architect recommends using MuleSoft Accelerator for B2C Commerce for this integration.
Which two benefits should the Solution Architect highlight about API-led connectivity while implementing the MuleSoft accelerator for B2C Commerce? Choose 2 answers
A. It enables self-service and an increase in productivity through reusable microservices and APIs.
B. It lets the business quickly integrate different systems without involving IT.
C. It offers a template-driven approach for development.
D. It enforces a distributed approach and allows for the creation of Experience APIs, Data APIs, and System APIs.
Answer: B, C

A merchant using B2C Commerce and Service Cloud has a requirement for service agents to order products on behalf of shoppers. In the envisioned scenario, a shopper contacts the service center with an order request, the agent uses the Service Console to find the shopper's account, and initiate an order on behalf of the shopper using payment information provided by the shopper. The merchant is considering the B2C Commerce - Service Cloud Connector for this implementation.
Which three considerations should a Solution Architect keep in mind prior to implementation? Choose 3 answers
A. Guests or anonymous storefront shoppers are not supported in this scenario.
B. B2C Commerce needs to be registered as a remote site.
C. Service agents need a corresponding storefront login mapped to their Service Cloud user record.
D. The Service Cloud Connector only supports Person Accounts as a customer model.
E. The Service Cloud Connector only supports contacts as a customer model.
Answer: C, D

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