Puradrop is a gummy supplement that helps you detoxify and lose weight.

By taking one Puradrop gummy daily, you can purportedly burn fat, suppress appetite, increase your metabolism, and enjoy long-term weight loss results, among other benefits.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the new Puradrop gummies  Reviews and whether or not they live up to the hype today in our review. Before answering the almighty question of what is Puradrop weight loss gummy, let’s cover all the basics before breaking down each major feature, benefit and worthy data point to help consumers become customers the right way today.


  • Puradrop


  • Puradrop is an extra-strength weight loss gummy which utilizes a supercharged antioxidant formula with ingredients inspired by Dr. Truman (located on small island of ‘blue zone’  Puradrop Gummies Reviews healthy living Ikaria) that is designed to create electron cohesion to combat electron dysfunction, one of the primary reasons for weight gain.


  • orally consumed fruity-sweet flavor gummy in tasty and fast absorbing edible form with no awful aftertaste


  • man by the name of John O’Brien, with help from Dr. Truman, together creating this 5-second exotic island loophole hack to lose weight with Puradrop ingredients

Official Site:

www.Puradrops.com (official website)


  • encapsulate this pure, lab-tested Mediterranean fat-burning shortcut and Ancient Greek Loophole into a weight loss  Puradrop Gummies Reviews gummy that enhances all-day metabolism by optimizing electron dysfunction using ingredients that dissolve fat cells rapidly

Ingredients List:

  • primary ingredient is vinagre de sidra de manzana (250mg)
  • beetroot juice powder (20mg)
  • pomegranate juice extract (20mg)
  • iodine (25mg)
  • vitamin b6 (.25mg)
  • vitamin b12 (.6mg)


  • consume one gummy in the morning for all day metabolism support


  • delicious tasting gummy with plant-based ingredients that are non GMO and free of stimulants and side effects
  • made in an FDA-inspected Puradrop Gummies Reviews  lab with independent ingredient testing for overall quality of potency and purity
  • fast weight loss
  • increase energy levels
  • support immune function
  • enhance metabolism support
  • gut detoxification
  • suppress hunger cravings and appetite control

Adverse Reactions:

  • Puradrop gummy is non-habit forming supplement with no side effects or bad complaints known from customers


  • the official Puradrop website is filled with real testimonials of all kinds of users sharing their success stories
  • the official Puradrop presentation also shared live video comments from verified customers and their  Puradrop Gummies Reviews respective results (all which were positive)
  • the fat-dissolving exotic island gummy is enjoyed and chewed on by nearly 68,000 people and counting thus far


  • 6 Bottles of Puradrop cost $39 each or $234 total
  • 3 Bottles of Puradrop run at $49 each and cost $147
  • 1 Bottle of Puradrop is only $59 to start trying this weight loss gummy
  • every order directly from the official Puradrop website includes an impressive 180-day money back guarantee (which means 6 months after your original purchase date you could request a refund if not satisfied with the results)
  • the 3 & 6 bottle orders come with free bonuses while the 6 bottle also includes free shipping (the bonus list includes 1-Day Mediterranean Detox, Winner’s Morning Routine, Anti-Aging Hacks, Healthy Primal Living, Bulletproof Keto Guide, Mindful Meditation and Recharge & Renew)
  • no hidden fees or auto-billing subscription options available

Hidden Dangers:

  • buyer beware of fake Puradrop scams found on Amazon (Amazon.com), Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, eBay or GNC
  • only official website of Puradrop offers the Puradrop booster box and Puradrop Plus options as well as the 6-month money back guarantee refund policy

Customer Service:

  • phone number: + 1 (800) 985-7325
  • support email: support@puradrops.com
  • address: 19655 E 35th Dr #100, Aurora, CO 80011, USA

Where to Buy

Puradrop Official Website

What is Puradrop?

Puradrop is a gummy supplement sold exclusively online through Puradrops.com.

Made using natural ingredients, the vegan gummies detoxify your body while helping you lose weight. The goal of Puradrop is to help you look and feel better from the inside out.

Each bottle of Puradrop is priced at around $59 for 30 gummies. You take 1 gummy daily to support detoxification and weight loss, so each bottle should last around 30 days.

Puradrop is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. The company claims to have sourced the formula on a “fat dissolving exotic island gummy” and an “exotic island loophole [that] melts 54 lbs of fat.”

The manufacturer also claims that over 67,380 people chew on the gummy every morning to lose weight, which would make Puradrop one of the best-selling gummies sold online today.

Puradrop Benefits

According to Puradrops.com, the Puradrop gummies Reviews  can help with the following benefits:

  • Boost metabolism
  • Burn fat
  • Boost energy
  • Boost immunity

The gummies are primarily advertised to those who want to lose weight using natural ingredients. However, some people take Puradrop gummies Reviews daily for auxiliary benefits like detoxification, blood sugar support, and more.

How Does Puradrop Work?

Puradrop works using a blend of natural ingredients to accelerate weight loss and detoxification.

Those natural ingredients include proven, science-backed, and common ingredients found in other weight loss aids – like vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and beet juice.

However, Puradrop also contains ingredients we don’t see in competing detoxification and weight loss aids, including pomegranate, iodine, and a mysterious ingredient called “sidra de manzana”, among other unique formulas.

These ingredients can lead to noticeable effects like:

Rapid Fat Burning: According to Puradrops.com, the natural ingredients in Puradrop wills tart to rapidly burn fat. Inspired by the Greek island of Ikaria, the natural ingredients in Puradrop can boost your metabolism and accelerate fat burning within “just minutes,” according to the official website.

Suppress Appetite: Some people take appetite suppressants to naturally reduce their appetite, helping them eat less and stick to their weight loss goals. Puradrop can suppress appetite within minutes, helping you naturally eat less food without feeling like you’re on a strict diet.

Cleanse Gut and Improve Digestion: Puradrop can purportedly cleanse your gut to improve digestion. Good digestion is crucial for weight loss and appetite control. According to Puradrops.com, the natural ingredients in the formula include proteins, digestive enzymes, and probiotic bacteria to cleanse harmful compounds from your gut and improve your digestion.

Improve Energy: Puradrop aims to give you peak performance by improving your energy. To do that, Puradrop contains ingredients like vitamins B6, B9, and B12. Studies show B vitamins play a crucial role in energy production at the cellular level. These three B vitamins can support a steady flow of energy at a cellular level and prevent fatigue, according to the manufacturer.

Lose Weight: The primary goal of Puradrop is to help you lose weight. The manufacturer of Puradrop claims you’ll “lose pound after pound with each gummy you take.” The more gummies you take, and the longer you take Puradrop gummies Reviews , the more weight you can expect to lose.

Unlike some gummies sold online today, Puradrop is vegan. The formula uses vegan ingredients to hold itself together – not cheap sources like animal-based gelatin.

Puradrop is also non-GMO and gluten-free.

Puradrop Ingredients

Puradrop weight loss gummies contain a blend of vitamins, plants, minerals, nutrients, and herbal extracts to target weight loss and detoxification in various ways.

Some of the ingredients are designed to boost metabolism and energy. Others are designed to switch your body into fat burning mode. Some are rich with antioxidants to support healthy inflammation, while others target energy at the cellular level.

Here are all of the ingredients in Puradrop and how they work, according to the manufacturer:

Vinegar de Sidra de Manzana: Puradrop contains apple cider vinegar, although it’s labeled as “vinagre de sidra de manzana.” It sounds like an exotic ingredient when written in Spanish, although this is the same apple cider vinegar in other weight loss supplements and detoxification aids sold online today. Each serving of Puradrop contains 250mg of apple cider vinegar to boost energy, accelerate metabolism, and encourage your body to burn fat, among other benefits.

Beet Juice Powder: Beets are prized for their ability to raise nitric oxide production and widen blood vessels, helping to support cardiovascular health in various ways. According to Puradrops.com, the beet juice powder in Puradrop is rich with antioxidants to support healthy blood pressure, stamina, and metabolism.

Pomegranate Juice: Puradrop also contains pomegranate juice, which is a superfood and a great source of multiple vitamins and minerals. The potassium in Puradrop provides a significant amount of vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium, for example, to support energy, joint health, and more.

Iodine: Puradrop contains iodine to boost metabolism, support bone health, and support immunity. Crucial for thyroid function, iodine is commonly added to salt to support health in the overall population, which is why iodine deficiency is rare. However, many people take iodine supplements for various benefits. According to the makers of Puradrop gummies Reviews , the iodine in their formula can help regulate metabolism, bone health, and immune response.

Vitamin B6: Puradrop contains vitamin B6, which is a super vitamin with antioxidant effects. According to the makers of Puradrop gummies Reviews , the vitamin B6 in the formula can protect against diseases while helping to maintain healthy immune function.

Vitamin B12: Puradrop contains vitamin B12 to help with the production of red blood cells and DNA while increasing energy production in the body and helping to improve mood.

Scientific Evidence for Puradrop

The makers of Puradrop cite two studies validating the benefits of Puradrop. Some studies show the active ingredients in Puradrop – including apple cider vinegar and certain fruit extracts – can support a range of benefits.

First, the manufacturer cites this 2009 study involving 175 people who took vinegar daily. Participants took 1 or 2 tablespoons of vinegar or a placebo daily for 3 months. After 3 months, participants who consumed vinegar had modest weight loss and lower triglyceride levels than those in the placebo group. Because of these results, researchers concluded vinegar could be an effective way to lower body weight, body fat mass, and serum triglyceride levels in overweight subjects.

The manufacturer of Puradrop gummies also cites this study where 39 subjects took apple cider vinegar for 12 weeks and experienced significant appetite suppression benefits. Researchers found people who took apple cider vinegar while following a reduced calorie diet felt fuller after eating than people taking a placebo. In other words, the apple cider vinegar in Puradrop gummies could help you feel fuller after meals, making it easier to stick to your diet plan and lose weight.

Puradrop gummies Reviews  contain a small amount of beet juice extract. In this 2017 study published in Nutrients, researchers found beetroot juice supplementation boosted endurance in athletes. Researchers found evidence that beetroot juice increased levels of nitric oxide (NO), widening blood vessels and helping athletes perform at their best. Athletes had better VO2 max ratings, for example, after taking beetroot juice extract. In Puradrop gummies Reviews , the beetroot juice extract also has the added benefit of changing the flavor and color of the gummy, acting as a natural coloring and flavoring agent.

It’s also possible the pomegranate extract in Puradrop has certain benefits. In this 2014 study, for example, researchers found pomegranate extract has “potent health effects.” Researchers found evidence pomegranate can help prevent or treat various risk factors for disease, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, oxidative stress, inflammation, high blood sugar, and other issues.

Puradrop also contains a blend of B vitamins to boost energy and metabolism. There’s some misunderstanding about how B vitamins work. As researchers explain, B vitamins don’t provide the body with fuel for energy (despite what supplement companies tell you), although they do play a crucial role in energy production, and your body lacks energy when you don’t have enough B vitamins. Each Puradrop gummy contains a blend of vitamin B6, B9, and B12 to support energy production.

Overall, Puradrop is an apple cider vinegar gummy first and foremost, and apple cider vinegar is linked to modest weight loss and detoxification benefits. By taking the apple cider vinegar in Puradrop daily, you may be able to support a range of benefits, including weight loss, metabolism, immunity, and more.

Puradrop Ingredients Label

The makers of Puradrop disclose all ingredients and dosages upfront, making it easy to transparently compare the gummies to other nutritional supplements sold online today.

Here are all of the ingredients and dosages in Puradrop, according to the official website:

  • 250mg of vinegar de sidra de manzana
  • 25mg of iodine
  • 20mg of beet juice powder
  • 20mg of pomegranate juice
  • 0.6mg of vitamin B12
  • 0.25mg of vitamin B6

Puradrop Reviews: How Much Weight Can You Lose?

The Puradrops.com website is filled with stories of customers losing significant amounts of weight within weeks of taking Puradrop gummies.

Here are some of the weight loss claims and customer reviews featured on Puradrops.com:

  • One woman claims she lost 22lbs “so quickly” while taking Puradrop
  • Another woman claims her gut problems have “vanished” thanks to the natural ingredients in Puradrop and she feels better than ever
  • Multiple customers praise Puradrop gummies Reviews  for being delicious; while some gummies have an unpleasant or artificial taste, most customers seem to like the taste and texture of Puradrop gummies
  • One customer claims he lost so much weight his “wife thought [he’d] joined a gym”
  • One customer just recently started taking Puradrop gummies Reviews and has already lost 12lbs
  • Other customers praise Puradrop for reducing their bloating and helping them feel lighter
  • One woman has dropped “3 dress sizes” since she started taking Puradrop gummies, while another woman likes the gummies because she “can wear anything” she wants now

Puradrop Pricing

Puradrop is priced at $59 per bottle, or $59 for a one month supply. All purchases are backed by a 180 day moneyback guarantee.

If you buy the 3 or 6 bottle packages of Puradrop, then the price drops to $49 or $39 per bottle, respectively, and you get two free bonus eBooks.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordering Puradrop online today:

  • 1 Bottle (30 Day Supply): $59 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles (90 Day Supply): $147 ($49 per bottle) + 2 Free Bonuses + Shipping
  • 6 Bottles (180 Day Supply): $234 ($39 per bottle) + 2 Free Bonuses + Free US Shipping

Each bottle contains 30 gummies (30 servings). You take one gummy daily to detoxify your body and lose weight.

Puradrop Refund Policy

All Puradrop gummy purchases are backed by a 180 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 180 days with no questions asked.

If you did not lose weight while taking Puradrop, or if you’re unsatisfied with the effects of the supplement for any reason, then you can request a complete refund with no questions asked.

Contact the Puradrop customer service team to initiate the refund process.

Bonuses Included with Puradrop

As part of a 2022 promotion, all 3 and 6 bottle Puradrop gummy purchases come with two free bonus eBooks, including:

Bonus eBook #1: 1 Day Mediterranean Detox: 1 Day Mediterranean Detox is an eBook written by the Puradrop team that teaches you how to detoxify your body using natural ingredients in just a single day using ingredients found at home. The eBook consists of 3 sections, including a section on Detox Basics (Section 1), Detoxification from the Inside Out (Section 2), and Practical Detoxification Suggestions (Section 3). You can discover proven strategies you can use to start detoxifying your body today using common ingredients found around the house.

Bonus eBook #2: Recharge & Renew: Recharge & Renew walks you through 4 chapters on recharging your mind and body using natural wellness strategies and the right supplements. The book features 5 chapters covering various topics, including Why You Must Stress Less (Chapter 1), Understanding the Complexity of Your Stress Systems (Chapter 2), How to Manage Normal Stress (Chapter 3), Meditation (Chapter 4), and Mindfulness and CBT (Chapter 5). Whether you’re looking for cognitive behavioral therapy strategies or natural stress relief techniques, you can discover a range of recharging and renewal strategies via this eBook.

You receive instant access to both bonus eBooks after your purchase is confirmed.

Other Bonus Puradrop eBooks

The makers of Puradrop have published four additional eBooks covering additional health and wellness topics. You may be able to purchase these eBooks separately. Or, they could come bundled with your original Puradrop gummy purchase.

The bonus eBooks include:

Anti-Aging Hacks: Discover How to Stay Youthful: This eBook features a range of strategies for reducing the visible effects of aging. Over 11 chapters, the author covers skin care tips, hydration strategies, the dangers of sun exposure, the importance of gut health for aging, and how to optimize sleep habits to get a better night of sleep, among other topics.

The Bulletproof Keto Guide: Lose Weight and Reboot Your Metabolism: The keto diet is one of the most popular and proven diets available today. In this guide, you can discover how to lose weight and reboot your metabolism using the high-fat, low-carb keto diet. The eBook covers 9 chapters about the keto diet and how it works. You can discover why you struggle to lose weight with an ordinary American diet, the best keto meal diet plans that actually work, and how to reduce your carb intake while avoiding cravings.

Healthy Primal Living: How to Live and Eat Like a Caveman to Become Healthier and Change Your Life: This eBook explains how to use primal eating / paleo dieting strategies to achieve better health outcomes. It advocates a “quasi paleo” approach to healthy eating. There are problems with following a pure paleo diet. You can also discover functional training and bodyweight exercises, the lifestyle habits that make you weak and unhealthy, and the benefits of running barefoot, among other unique topics.

Mindful Meditation: Secrets to Enhancing Emotional & Physical Well-Being: Mindful meditation can change your life. In this guide, you can discover how to use mindful meditation practices to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Over 12 chapters, the author covers topics like successful people who meditate, great mindful meditation apps, how to use mindful meditation to improve relationships, and why awareness is so important in everyday life, among other topics.

The Winner’s Morning Routine Guide: In this fourth and final bonus Puradrop eBook, you can discover some of the strategies today’s most successful individuals use to start their day right each morning. You can discover how to design your own morning, the best way to get yourself moving, thinking, and speaking in the morning, and how to optimize your day with a 6-minute morning routine, among other topics.


About Puradrop

Puradrop is made in the United States at an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility using state-of-the-art, scientifically-engineered machinery and under sterile conditions, according to Puradrops.com.

You can contact the Puradrop customer service team via the following:


According to the manufacturer of Puradrop, over “67,380 people” chew on Puradrop gummies Reviews  daily, suggesting the manufacturer has sold a minimum of 67,380 bottles of Puradrop to date. That would make Puradrop one of the best-selling apple cider vinegar gummies sold online today.

Final Word

Puradrop is a new gummy supplement that uses apple cider vinegar and complementary ingredients to detoxify your body, help you lose weight, and unlock other potential benefits.

By taking one Puradrop gummy daily, you can purportedly lose a significant amount of weight, suppress your appetite, and assist your body’s natural detoxification processes, among other benefits.

To learn more about Puradrop and how it works or to buy the gummies online today, visit the official website at Puradrops.com.