How much do you know about the inner pages and cover materials of hardcover notebooks? Huifeng as a professional notebook manufacturer provides you with exquisite products.

Inside paper:

Dowling paper: professional notebook paper, color beige, beige, thickness 80 grams, 100 grams.

Coated paper: special paper for color advertising pages, the thickness is usually 157 grams.

1.Dowling paper

Dowling paper: high-grade writing paper, made of wood as raw material, with uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, excellent stiffness, and high smoothness, Dowling paper

The surface is smooth, with no wrinkles, and no ink oozing. The color of the inner pages is divided into beige, beige, pure white, and other different colors.

2.Coated paper

Coated paper, also known as coated paper, has a smooth surface, high whiteness, uniform distribution of paper fibers, and good absorption and reception of ink. copper

Plate paper is mainly used for printing picture albums, exquisite product samples, etc.

Cover material:

Common materials: PU leather, cloth, paper, etc.

1. The PU leather surface is the main material for the customization of the book, which is very durable. There are many colors of PU leather, and there are many changes in texture.

There are about 500 types, which can basically meet the needs of customers. Color-changing PU is a new type in recent years. It is very suitable for embossing LOGO and has excellent


2. The cloth surface mainly refers to the binding cloth. The types include fine grain cloth, linen cloth, and other textures and colors, and the products are elegant. The cloth LOGO mainly includes silk screen printing, hot stamping

Gold and silver, embossing, UV color printing, etc.

3. On paper, various types of special paper are commonly used, such as leather-filled paper, notebooks represented by Moleskine, etc.

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