Fantastic, one word that fits One Piece Film Red. Yes, premiered in Japan, One Piece Film Red immediately ranked first at the box office.Based on their portrayal in One Piece Film: Red, Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates are truly Haki monsters. Here are the spoilers or leaks of One Piece film Red. The film was finally released in Japanese theaters. Shanks and his powerful crew have been hypnotized for a long time, so this will be their masterpiece.

As is known, One Piece Film Red just had its Opening Day in Japan on August 6. But the day of its release, One Piece Film Red immediately broke the record with the highest revenue for the anime version for its premiere at the Japanese box office.

One Piece Film Red excels after “Demon Dlayer Mugen Train” and “Jujutsu Kaisen 0“. Reporting from the Shonen Jump News page, One Piece Film Red is the fifteenth film in the One Piece anime film series.


One Piece Red Releases In Japan, Shanks' Real Power!


In fact, One Piece Film Red became the most successful film during 'Opening Day' among other One Piece films. To the extent, One Piece Film Red has earned 1.15 billion Yen (Equivalent to 128 billion Rupiah) on Opening Day.

Then it became the first One Piece film to touch the 1 billion mark on the first day of broadcast.

The comparison of the advantages of One Piece Film Red with other One Piece films is as follows.

1. One Piece Strong World : 553 million Yen.
2. One Piece Film: Z : 750 million Yen.
3. One Piece Film: Gold : 675 million Yen.
4. One Piece STAMPEDE : 800 million Yen.
5. One Piece Film: RED : 1.15 billion Yen.


Fans have always wanted to see them fight and as it turns out, they got their chance in One Piece Film: Red. This is what the Red Hair Pirates are capable of. There will be manga spoilers from the Wano Country arc. The following information has been provided by @sandman_AP on Twitter, who recently watched the film.

One Piece Film: Red proves the Red Hair Pirates are just as powerful as they thought Shanks was an “Observation Haki assassin”

A select few have the ability to see into the future with Observation Haki. However, One Piece Film: Red has made it clear that Shanks has the strongest Haki in the series.

This is potent enough to prevent anyone from using future vision. Of course, that's not all Shanks can do in this film.

As the Admirals enter the music festival, Kizaru also begins to confuse Shanks and his Conqueror's Haki.

Remember that these are the same people who want to fight Kaido and Big Mom alone. Fujitora even suggested retreating to avoid casualties.


These 10 Red Hair Pirate Crews Revealed One Piece Film


Previously, the creator of the One Piece manga, Eiichiro Oda, had said that One Piece Film Red would tell a special story about the adventures of Akagami No Shanks.This was revealed through the Toei 2022 Lineup Presentation a few months ago. It is also known that Eiichiro Oda's involvement in One Piece Film Red is only the same as the Strong World film, nothing more.

Internally, Eiichiro Oda felt that One Piece Film Red would be something different and potentially superior to other One Piece films.To be precise, this belief is due to the presence of Goro Taniguchi (the director who has worked on Code Geass), because directors outside of Toei usually don't participate in this kind of project.

The second teaser for One Piece Film Red reveals one of Uta's characters who has a blood relationship who is known to the daughter of Shanks. The anime version of the film is scheduled to be released in Indonesian cinemas in September 2022. Although there is no complete information about regular broadcasts in all regions of Indonesia. Meanwhile, Indonesia will hold a One Piece Film Red fan screening at CGV Central Park, Jakarta on 16-18 September 2022.