Nikah (marriage) is one of the most important aspects of the Islamic religion. The significance of marriage in Islam is very high, and thus, any details regarding the nikah should be known by every Muslim.

Nikah is the Arabic Word:

Nikah is the Arabic word for marriage. It literally means sexual intercourse. In Islamic law, it is a contract which can only be entered with mutual consent of both parties in the presence of two witnesses, and with the option to end it at any point. These days, there are many women who are getting married these days. It is a big day for them because they will be joining their life with someone. The same thing goes to the guy too. With so many things happening in the world, everyone should have a lawyer beside them to help them out. A case that might happen is marriage and divorce. This can be a challenge especially if you do not know the laws inside out.

A Muslim Nikah:

A nikah is a Muslim wedding that takes place in two stages, which are known as the (aqd) and the (aqd). The first is the agreement between bride and groom's guardians, where they lay down the legal rights and responsibilities of each side. The second part is the actual marriage ceremony between the couple.

Practical Guide:

A practical guide that provides a step by step procedure to accomplishing one of the most important steps in your life, Nikah. This is a very informative book which gives you an insight on the various important aspects of marriage and its procedures. Nikah is a Muslim marriage contract which must be done to validate the marriage between two Muslims. Its main purpose is to make sure that the spouses are free from any previous relationship, and it's essential for both males and females in Islam.

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