How to avoid this RuneScape scam?

NEVER share login information.

Do not be too friendly with RuneScape players Buy RuneScape Gold

Don't let strangers convince you of their tragic personal stories

Steer away from the information from outside sources

3. Doubling

This is perhaps the easiest fraud to spot in the world of Runescape.

However, much like anything in real life beauty lies in simplicity. This is perhaps the reason this scam worked so well. A player would continuously spam about the possibility of doubling their earnings until they attracted the attention of an innocent noob.

Unaware players would trade just a tiny amount (for example 5.000) and earn 10.000 from the doubler they claim to have. After that, they would exchange the 10.000 and receive 20.000. When the "doubler" earns the "newbie's" trust and trust, they give a significant amount, like a million or more of his or her RS GP. This is the time when the scammer runs away or logs out in the end, and you're out a lot of gold.

What can you do to stay away from the RuneScape scam?

Keep in mind that there is no double in Runescape

The entire process of manipulating money is fraudulent and no one is able to alter an amount of money this way

4. Keylogging

Friendships have been shattered and libraries have been cursed due to this strategy.

Keylogging is a way of getting your login information by means of a computer program known as a Keylogger. Keyloggers are programs or applications that run in the background on your PC and register every keyboard input.

In other words, they will show what you have entered on the Runescape Account name and password tabs. The scammer can do as they want with your character.

How can you avoid scams like this? RuneScape scam?

Don't use computers in public for playing RS. If that's your only option, you can check online for online tutorials on how you can remove keyloggers or disable them.

Utilize additional encryptions such as "Google lock" or other advanced access methods that guarantee the highest security for your account

5. The "I must quit" method

A player would chat something like "Quitting RS, giving away my account". The account is usually quite high-leveled and well-known regarding stats. However, the account would generally be empty.

The scammer is going to give away the account, and all appears to be going well. Beware of being too happy yet, his or her goal is long-term.

Scammers want you to take this brand new RuneScape account and Old School RuneScape Gold make it your main account. After that, you transfer all of your belongings to this account. Then, after several days or up to a week, your previous owner will reclaim the account and you'll have nothing left.