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Share some RCDD Certification RCDDv14 exam questions and answers below.
Program A is dependent upon program B lo complete benefits sustainment for two benefits Program A is on track to meet program benefits However program B's program manager has just advised that program B has been closed.
What should program A's program manager update and review first with the stakeholders?
A.Benefits sustainment plan
B.Benefits register
C.Benefits management plan
D.Benefits transition plan
Answer : A

The program manager defines the program objectives, requirements and develops a high-level road map. To ensure program alignment with the enterprise strategic plan the program manager should work with which of the following?
A.Program governance board
B.Program management office
C.Change control board
D.Project managers on the program
Answer : A

Company A acquires company B. which leads to a two-year program lo integrate the processes and systems Company B uses a different project management process, and the company's staff is unhappy about the acquisition As a result company B's project team fails to provide status and cost data in a format that conforms to the program standards.
What should the program manager do first?
A.Inform the stakeholders of this Issue as soon as possible
B.Change the program standards, aligning them with the project standards
C.Work with the reports provided to extract the required information
D.Remind the project manager of the relevant program standards
Answer : D

A program manager is identifying and verifying risks as outlined in the risk management plan. The results will be recorded in which of the following?
A.Risk register
B.Risk monitoring and control
C.Risk response planning
D.Risk mitigation strategy
Answer : A

A new program component provides an opportunity to enhance program outcomes. What does the program manager use to document and monitor the opportunity'?
A.Program risk register
B.Program scope management plan
C.Program risk management plan
D.Component project risk registers



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