Direct deposit is the first key advantage of the Square Cash App. Unlike banks and other payment apps, Cash App offers fast, safe, and free direct deposit services. Anyone who is a verified Cash App user can avail of the benefits of direct deposit on the Cash App. But, the recent reports show that more than 20% of the direct deposits on Cash App either has failed or got delayed. However, problems of direct deposits being failed or delayed are not new. It is quite normal with banks. Sadly, now this problem is no more limited to only banks as Cash App users have reported direct deposit failed or pending issues in recent times. 

When more and more people reported to us about the Cash App direct deposit failure issue, we contacted the Cash App customer service. Here in this post, on the basis of a conversation we had with the Cash App customer care department, we are going to share some common mistakes that Cash App users make due to which their Cash App direct deposit payment fails. So, here we go.

 Five mistakes to avoid for hassle-free direct deposit payment on Cash App

To keep intact the user-friendliness, Cash App has put in place a very simple method to enable the direct deposit service. All you need is just to find your Cash App routing number and bank account number and then share it with the employer. In case you are looking forward to getting paid by the IRS then it is more simple. All you need is just navigate through the IRS portal and enter your Cash App routing number and bank account number. And then be sure of the hassle-free withdrawal of stimulus checks, tax refunds, unemployment aid and so many other types of payment from the IRS.

But, even a small mistake in the process of applying for a Cash App direct deposit can prevent you from enjoying all of the above-mentioned benefits. So, read carefully the below-mentioned section and keep the problems away from your Cash App direct deposit.

Incorrect routing number

 Many people are using Cash App without knowing that Cash App also has its own routing number. So, most of them don't even try to find and use their routing number while applying for direct deposit payments. Don't do so. Always do share your unique Cash App routing number along with the account number. Make sure you mention the correct number in form for direct deposit. 

Incorrect bank name

You can't be more wrong if you think that Cash App is a bank. Take one thing on a serious note though the Cash App is not a bank, still it has a bank name. Be informed that the Cash App is supported by the two banks. Sutton Bank and Lincoln Saving Bank. You need to find out what bank your account is linked to. And use the same bank name while applying for direct deposit.

 Inactive Cash App card

There is no use of Cash App routing and bank account until and unless your Cash App card is not activated. Having an activated Cash App card is a prerequisite requirement for Cash App direct deposit. So, take a minute to activate your Cash App card before applying for direct deposit.

 Not confirming your identity

All of your attempts for direct payments will go in vain if you don't confirm who you are. Why? Because identity verification is a must on Cash App. If you have not confirmed your identity and expect to get paid early from your employer or IRS through direct deposit then believe me you can't be funnier.

 Exceeding limits

Cash App limit is something that one can easily forget. Let me remind you that Cash App comes with a broad range of limits. There are limits to sending money and cash withdrawal. The same is true with Cash App direct deposit. Remember that one can receive max up to $25000 per direct deposit transaction and $50,000 in a day.