Analysis of market competition of leather hardcover notebook suppliers


Customers often have an inertia that it is impossible to find a gift customization company to make plans right away. They have to compare commodities. Taking into account factors such as gift type, price, logistics, etc., in this case, they should consider some competitor information such as price, choice of gift type, store evaluation, etc.


To know the recipient's information


Whether the customized notebook gift can play the expected role, whether the recipient is satisfied or not, we must first understand the recipient's information, including the recipient's group attributes, consumption preferences, etc. Learn about gifts used by your client's competitors and customize notepads. Since group buying gifts belong to the category of gift marketing, we need to consider market competition factors.


So we also need to know what gifts our customers' competitors are giving. If time permits, it would be a good idea to analyze in detail the customer-made gifts in this book, as well as what customers have said about various gifts in the past, in order to avoid duplication of planning when planning.


Learn about gifts used by your client's competitors


Since group buying gifts belong to the category of gift marketing, we need to consider market competition factors, so we also need to understand what gifts are given by our customers' competitors. If time permits, we will better analyze the customized gifts in detail. Clients evaluate various gifts in the past so we can avoid repeated planning.


Analyze gift usage


The purpose of a notebook custom gift is very important. Notebook gifts for different purposes are customized for different purposes and have different customization characteristics. This should be customized according to the client's needs. Types of gifts include: Business, Meetings, Benefits and Promotions.


Understand the client's message and style


custom Moleskine style notebooks gifts can be used to convey customer information, the first is to understand the relevant information of users, including: enterprise development history, cultural characteristics, leather brand information, product situation, market situation, etc. Only by fully understanding the basic situation of customers, we can understand that users mainly communicate their corporate information through customized gifts, so as to formulate corresponding solutions.


Analysis of the recipient's evaluation


Whether the notebook gift customization has good expectations based on the recipient's evaluation. Satisfaction, it is necessary to clarify customer feedback, including attributes, consumer preferences, etc.