We know glue is widly used on securing a wig,and there are also some ways to avoid using glue to do that ,for example ,wig tape is a good choice .

How does wig tape work?

Wig tape is a double-sided, medical-grade sticky tape that is safe to use on your skin. It comes in different strengths and shapes, from strips to small dots, in rolls or singles. Wig tapes usually last about 2-4 weeks, the time is different because each person's skin is different. Besides, wig tapes are waterproof and skin proof. You can swim, sleep and take a bath when wearing it,so if you want to apply a wig without glue like 13X4 lace wig ,it’s posssible to do that with the wig tape.

Benefits of wig taps

1. It’s very easy and safe to use.

You neither have to do any manual sewing, nor insert multiple bobby pins to fix your wig. just apply it to the place around your hairline.Once it is done properly, then you don't have to worry about your wig slipping off. You can enjoy your wig all day even in windy weather until you remove it.

2. It take less time to use than glue .

only half an hour needed to install your 13X4 lace frontal , while other lace frontal applications require a significant amount of time with the styling chair.

3. It give You a natural look.

It give you  invisible lace fringe and natural hair look. After wearing the wig, your wig adhesive is undetectable and the hair looks like growing out of your scalp naturally.

4.It's easier to remove than glue .

Wig tape is easier to remove than glue and most of the time does not leave any residue. There are no adhesive removers required for wig tapes and the tape is safer to place on your wig’s lace than glue.

How to apply the wig tape?

Firstly, clean your scalp and skin around the hairline, and remove any hair from the bonded areas. Apply a thin protective layer on the lace and scalp to protect your skin.


Secondly ,Remove the protective paper from one side of the double-sided tape and apply it around the perimeter of the scalp. Then remove the other protective paper and put the front of the system in place and then roll it over the scalp. Make sure that there is no natural hair sticking to the tape. Secure the hair system to the scalp by pressing on taped areas and flatting them.


Lastly ,Working from front to back, remove the tape one strip at a time then press 13x4 lace front wig onto the exposed tape. Make sure you pull the wig firmly as you attach it to each section of the tape.