New Jordans Release 2022 Fresh and lively summer color! New Nike Court Dragon Official Images Exposure! Nike legendary designer Tinker Hatfield has released a new colorway of the Nike Zoom Court Dragon, the outfield basketball shoe specially made for China. Zoom Court Dragon was designed by Nike's legendary designer Tinker Hatfield. The midsole of the sneakers is equipped with a Zoom Air cushion. As for whether it is the forefoot, the rear palm or the full palm, I will give you feedback. There is a Tinker's handwritten signature embroidery on the tongue, and the double-strap crossover design has a taste of shoes in the 1990s. The upper with Chinese dragon elements is said to be specially designed for Chinese golfers.
Completely different from the black and red costumes of the first color matching, the new Nike Shoes color matching injects the vibrant pink, yellow and blue three highly saturated colors into the design, bringing a sense of summer atmosphere. The unique "Dragon Scale" texture on the upper and the "Dragon Tooth" shape that is turned up on the outside of the midsole fully release the sense of power that actual combat shoes should have. The iconic crisscross straps on the upper are highly recognizable and improve dynamic stability. In terms of configuration, it is a fan-shaped Zoom air cushion in the forefoot. I believe that the actual foot feel can be controlled without too much running-in. Seeing this, some friends may say, oh, a pair of PPTT IQ shoes, isn't it just blessed with a tinker design, limited to China, you want to GC? At first glance, these shoes are made of various stitching. What is the difference between the 20-year-old Air Raid and this?
At present, the new color matching Nike Zoom Court Dragon has been officially released. If you like it, don't miss it, and please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports!
Nike Zoom Court Dragon
Item number: DV8166-041