Legend Sergio Aguero also congratulated Manchester City after his former club was asked to win the Premier League this season. The victory is claimed to be similar to the success of The Citizens when they won the 2011/2012 season title.

Reporting from the Mirror, Manchester City trailed 0–2 to Aston Villa in the final game of the Premier League 2021/2022 which took place at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday (22/5/2022). Nevertheless, Pep Guardiola's men managed to rise and score three goals in five minutes, until the position turned to 3–2.

Ilkay Gundogan became the hero of The Citizens' victory in the match. The 31-year-old scored twice in the 76th and 81st minutes, which put Manchester City ahead of Liverpool in the Premier League final standings. The remaining one goal was scored by Rodri in the 78th minute.

A similar situation had occurred in the 2011/2012 season competition. At that time, The Citizens competed with Manchester United to win the title of Premier League champion. The rivalry between the two continued into the final week.

The Citizens must win the final match against Queens Park Rangers if they want to secure the trophy in their hands. Sergio Aguero also emerged as the star of City's success. The Argentinean footballer scored a goal in the dying minutes and put Manchester City 3–2 ahead of QPR.

Although he had time to go to Barcelona, ​​before deciding to retire due to heart problems, Sergio Aguero still paid attention to The Citizens. He immediately gave words to his former club, after they beat Aston Villa in the last match.

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"Campeones campeones (champion, champion), I love you Man City," wrote the player who is familiarly called Kun Aguero through his tweet on Twitter, as reported by the Mirror report.

Guardiola's Comments
Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola also responded to the success of his foster children to win the title this season. The Spanish tactician claims the players are legends who will be remembered.

"We are legends. We will be remembered. This group of players are truly timeless at the club. What we have achieved today is very difficult to achieve. Sir Alex Ferguson with Manchester United has done it many years ago. Now we are part of this," he said after the Citizens' victory in the Premier League, as quoted by the Mirror.

Furthermore, Guardiola did not deny that the final match against Aston Villa was very emotional. Moreover, Steven Gerrard's squad had led by 2–0.

“The last game is always special – there is a lot of emotion in it. Aston Villa gave everything (the best), and the first goal changed everything. We have to deal with it," Guardiola said of the game against The Villa.

"Winning the Premier League in this country four times in five seasons (could happen) because the players are so special. To win at home, in front of our fans is great. When we equalized, we felt we had a chance to score the third goal," continued the 51-year-old coach.

The course of the match
Manchester City did field their best players against Aston Villa. Mainstay players such as Silva, Foden, Riyad Mahrez to Kevin de Bruyne started as starters in the match.

Pep Guardiola's squad also took many attacking initiatives in the opponent's first half. Unfortunately, the first new golden opportunity was created in the 24th minute. The opportunity failed to convert into goals. Foden shot narrowly wide of the Villa goal.

Manchester City were even surprised by the visitors' goal. Cash took advantage of Lucas Digne's pass, giving The Villa a 1-0 lead in the 37th minute. This position lasted until halftime.

The Citizens opened up opportunities in the 50th minute through Gabriel Jesus. However, his header was again wide. Raheem Sterling also came on for Riyad Mahrez in the 56th minute. However, luck is still not on the side of the hosts.

Aston Villa actually managed to double their advantage thanks to Philippe Coutinho's effort in the 69th minute. Luckily Ilkay Gundogan was able to reduce the deficit to 1-2 shortly after.

In the 78th minute, The Citizens finally equalized. Rodri scored in the opponent's goal after using a pass from Zinchenko. Just three minutes later, Gundogan has succeeded in turning the situation around. He again listed his name on the scoreboard after contributing the third goal in the 81st minute.

These results make City perched comfortably at the top of the Premier League final standings with a notch 93 points. Meanwhile, Liverpool, who won over Wolverhampton Wanderers, had to settle for finishing in second place after collecting 92 points.