We are living in the age of modern technology where social media is one of the major sources where people spend most of their time. Electronic social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are forums of people's attention. Instagram has featured a remarkable increase in its users over the last few years. Most people are using this forum nowadays. If you're a new Instagram user and are confused about how to use it, keep on reading this guide. In the later section, we'll discuss how to use this social media platform. 


Signing Up for the Instagram

To sign up to Instagram to create your profile over there, it's necessary to have the app. So, download the application from the android play store or Apple store accordingly. After downloading the app, follow these tips to sign up. 


Sign Up Using Android Operating System

If you're using an Android operating system, follow these tips to sign up. 

  • Open the mobile application. 
  • Fill out the form by inputting the essential things. 
  • You'll have to provide any of your mobile number or email, write your name, choose a username, and generate a password. 
  • After doing this, hit the sign-up icon. 
  • Mostly, an email or phone number is used to sign up via android. 


Sign Up Using Apple Operating System

If you are an iOS user, follow these tips to sign up for Instagram. 

  • Hit the sign-up icon. 
  • Use any of the Facebook accounts, email addresses, or phone numbers to sign up. 
  • Give all the essential information to set up your profile on Instagram. 


How to Post Something on Instagram? 

After signing up and creating a profile on Instagram, the next step is to post something on Instagram. Here is how to do this. 


  • Hit the " + " Icon

On the home screen of the Instagram profile, you'll see a " + " sign. Hit this icon to upload any media form to Instagram. 


  • Choose a File 

By hitting the " + " sign, you'll be directed to your media or gallery. Choose a photo or video of your choice and hit the next button. 


  • Edit the Image

Instagram offers very appealing attractive filters and other editing options to make your photo attractive and appealing. So, apply any filter, increase or decrease the brightness, and manage many other features of the photo before posting. After you have finished editing, hit the next button. 


  • Say Something About the Post

To increase your Instagram followers, your post should be compelling and appealing. You can do this by applying different filters or by making the essential changes to the images. So, write an attractive caption for the photo before uploading it. After you have written the caption, click the " Share " icon. This will share your post. 

You can connect your Instagram account to your other social media accounts, Facebook, too. This will help you to post the same content on both forums at the same time. 



Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that keep millions of people engaged. However, being a beginner, you should follow a particular method to enhance your Instagram followers. We have discussed a precise method to use this forum in the above section, follow these tips to sign up and post over there.