Path of Exile Expedition has been in the eyes of players since Ultimatum has not yet ended. So far, the availability of the new league has made players more and more enthusiastic. They have successfully met with the artifact-hunting Kalguur people. GGG also added new characters, many new skill gems and opportunities to blow things up to Path of Exile. Players need to master these things as soon as possible to help them earn more POE Currency.

In order to help Kalguur find the cultural relics lost by their settler ancestors, players need to build a site with explosives. They must detonate these explosives strategically in order to find precious antiquities from the expedition site. The bad news is that fallen Kalguur warriors still hold these artifacts. Once players disrupt their resting place, it will resurrect them as undead soldiers.

If they are careful about how to set the demolition cost, these expeditions can generate treasure chests, which have the opportunity to store ancient rune artifacts, and then players can trade them with the new merchants of Path of Exile. The four of them have their own uniqueness in trading, so they need to understand these new merchants and pay attention to how they control the use of POE Currency.

Developer Grinding Gear Games has also made some major updates to the Path of Exile: Royale game mode, which was first introduced as an April Fool’s joke in 2018. It is available every weekend until the end of the Expedition League. So far, although Path of Exile 2 has no more news, the original version of Path of Exile alone has been able to make POE Currency.

Those who are competitive players have to bear more pressure. If they desire greater achievement, not only do they have to invest more energy and time in researching Expedition than others, but they also need to buy some Chaos Orb to achieve this goal. I hope they can play fun and fulfilling.