Although nostalgia is a beautiful thing, it can still become vague and not completely accurate.

The sense of nostalgia for World of Warcraft Classic players has two sides.

Classic provides an incomplete "World of Warcraft" experience, which can only be said to be as close to this experience as possible. The current stage is a closed test stage, and players can cast spells and even ride as they did in 2005.

Blizzard published a post on, pointing out that due to the nature of World of Warcraft Classic, he will bring different memories to players, which caused people to misunderstand certain features.

Blizzard published a non-error list in order to prevent a large number of error reports from landing on its desktop. The report in World of Warcraft Classic is not the wrong game list, it has been working under Blizzard's expectations.

This list can be said to be a journey of memories for those who have played "World of Warcraft".

The tauren hit box with a slightly larger melee range than other races is my favorite. The bane of my night elf life is these Cheap WOW Classic Gold bloody tauren. Players and NPCs who are more afraid will always flee quickly. I was intimidated by a group of angry mobs who can stand on top of other players and attack.

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