Most ladies like to have more than one hairpiece, not exclusively to change for various haircuts, yet to permit time to spotless and dry. Washing your 360 Lace Front Wigs routinely can make it look perfect, appealing and new.

Generally, if you wear your human hair wig every day, it’s better to wash it once a week; otherwise, wash it once every eight to ten uses.

So how to wash a 360 Frontal Wig ? Follow these simple instructions below…

Step 1: Gently comb out your wig to avoid tangles and snarls. Never place a badly tangled human hair wig directly into the water as water can make tangles worse.

Step 2: Sink your 360 Lace Front Wigs Human Hair with lukewarm water (water could be at room temperature or slightly warmer), instead of scalding hot water as it’s damaging to natural human hair. Once it is damaged, nothing can be done to fix it.

Step 3: Add a very small drop of mild shampoo (shampoo designed for children often works better) to the wet hair except the scalp area.

Step 4: Swirl the wig gently around for one to two minutes. DO NOT rub the cap or the hair with shampoo directly.

Step 5: Gently apply some of the soapy water to the inside of the cap. DO NOT scrub the cap.

Step : Clean it with flow water and gently squeeze it to remove excess water as many times as necessary to ensure that all of the soap is removed.

Step : Place it on a wig stand and let it air dry or use a blow dryer in coolest and lowest power settings. DO NOT rub your human hair wig roughly with a towel.

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