Path of Exile Expedition League has slowed down the players’ actions and even made the players’ characters often die. Last Friday, Path of Exile’s latest league, Expedition, started. From the very beginning, the developers of Grinding Gear Games (GGG) stated that this alliance will change the “meta” of Path of Exile and expect many weakenings. They detail the flow of revealing and are really moving forward at full speed in their balance manifesto (the longest) and patch notes. Players also need to buy some POE Currency for it to be a success.

All in all, POE will become more difficult in all possible ways, and this usually includes removing interesting interactions and mechanisms. In the upcoming patch, players will definitely lack mana more than ever. Comprehensive support gems will add more mana to its additional skills. Triggering skills such as “cast on critical strike” or “cast on damage” will now consume POE Currency. This change is in addition to the weakening of all damage-focused auxiliary skills in the game range.

The utility flask is another victim of the patch, and has reduced to a fraction of its previous strength. Until now, a kind of “flask piano” has troubled Path of Exile. Players of higher level can mix and match 12345 (default flask hotkey) basically every four seconds, because their build can kill monsters quickly and get 100% uptime flask (except for BOSS battles). In order to solve this problem, the flask has weakened. In most cases, their uptime has reduced, and the effectiveness of many modules has reduced. This will be an alliance with many, many fresh deaths.

GGG once stated that they wanted to slow down the game, and the previous Ultimatum League made players lose a lot of trust. They did increase the speed of movement in almost every possible aspect, but many players are also worried that the Expedition League’s retention rate will also be poor, because players will get frustrated prematurely. However, there are still many loyal players who will buy some POE Chaos Orb to expand Path of Exile 3.15 to fight tenaciously.