Chris Wilson announced the next major expansion of Path of Exile in a live broadcast a few days ago, called the 3.15 update or Expedition. In addition to the new characters that players need to know and things to do, it will also add Expedition League to make the game more difficult, which mobilizes players prepare POE Chaos Orb to fight for some enthusiasm.

Gems are essentially things that give POE characters active skills and then allow players to enhance these skills. There are already many gems, including active gems and auxiliary gem types, but Grinding Gear Games is adding more through Expedition League. For a long time, the way developers dealt with POE Currency in the Path of Exile extension was to craft a bunch of gems around themes of new builds or by significantly enhancing some existing builds. Wilson cited the blood skills in the previous ultimatum expansion pack as a good example, and pointed out that while this method helps create interesting new build options, it does not have a broader impact on all characters.

In order to achieve this large-scale meta-game reorganization, the development team put forward a crazy idea for the Expedition expansion, which is to immediately add many new gems and spread them in as many game styles as possible. Many professions can use each of these gems, but they used a list of 19 Ascendancy professions as inspiration when planning these gems. It looks fantastic now, and players are happy to comment on such a new thing.

They are playing well in the league now. In the future, GGG should also add more fun and extra elements. They’d better buy more POE Currency to speed up their character growth, so as not to be surpassed by some more well-prepared novice players. But fortunately, rich experience can also make up for this shortcoming. They also pay more attention to real-time game strategy. Come on!