It's the reason why so many enjoy the beginning days of WoW, you were required to do everything. Retail isn't easy but that's no reason to say that it's not enjoyable. But you engaged with the world and WOW TBC Classic Gold those who are than running dungeons every day long, pushing M+. It's slow and tedious however it's so rewarding.

Hunter is another class which is known to be one of the most efficient classes to level. It is possible to take on many things, like mobs you cannot manage. Beast Mastery is a wonderful choice for this as it will allow your pet to be very powerful. Your pet should be holding agro mostly with the possibility you pull Agro prior to the mob's death.

Yes... getting leveled in WoW until Cataclysm had many aspects that slow the game down. It is essential to drink water and eat food after a few pulls particularly at the beginning. Also, you must be aware of the possibility of dying a lot. In the past, there was a guide to leveling which claimed to get players to level 60 (or 70 in tbc) in five days / played (so 120 hours) and was deemed rapid. It's certainly taking a lot of time.

It's classic...mana is essential. This is not a near infinite dps bar like retail. This is what all classic players would prefer. Each mob should be close to cheap TBC Classic Gold the player controlling it minimum 70 percent. Believe it or not (played through the entire the classic) TBC seems WAY easier and less harsh with mob damage as well as mana regen. Even leveling seems easier to me.