The Highlight Wig is a new product in Mslynnhair which is a new hair fashion trend in the hair market, it gets more and more attention. We have three types of highlight straight hair wig, short bob ombre wig, highlight ombre long straight wig, and blonde & black straight wave human hair wig.

The Step-By-Step Tutorial To Install This Curly Highlight Wig
Step 1: Unbox the wig. Show what packing box looks like and then open the box. There are a wig cap, a little mesh bag with some goodies, such as a headband, adjustable strap, and some lashes in the wig box.

Step 2: Show the details of the Colored Wig. She say the curls are like a bomb because she use shampoo and conditioner to wash the wig from removing the bleach off the knots. And she pluck the wig on a white towel and take the wig in front to show some details for her fans and other customers, for example, three combs and the little adjustable bands on the back of the wig cap.

Step 3: Put on the Colored Lace Front Wigs. She quickly put on her wig and adjusts the wig constantly according to her condition until the wig is placed well. Then she start to make a bun in a half up half down hairstyle, then use a big hairpin to secure the bun.

Step 4: Cut the extra lace. She sincerely recommends cutting the lace into four separated sections if you are a beginner. And she also suggest that the beginners use a white pencil or a brown eyeliner pencil to basically mark where they want to their wigs lie on the lace, which can easily apply for the beginners.

Step 5: Apply the glue. She use the back of the rat-tail to apply ghost bond lace glue to the thin layer and take a comb to pull the lace completely forward over. Then she apply some dynasties lace melting spray to her hairline, use a blow dryer to dry her hair, then use a comb to brush her hair, and tie it down with her scarf for 5 to ten minutes. 

Step 6: Take out the baby hair. She take a good amount of hair at the top of her head and curl her baby hair with a flat iron to make sure the baby hair lays a specific way. Then use a scissor to have a blunt cut through the baby hair and apply some gorilla snot gel to the baby hair to not make the hair crunchy for me.

Step 7: Style the curly highlight wig. Tie down the scarf and loosen the hairpin. Then make a side part and use a flat iron to flatten the hair. She then take a spray bottle with some water and spray it all through her hair while she is combing hair with finger detangling. In the end, she recommends raking the Garnier Fructis curl sculpting gel through the hair completely or using some type of oil to keep the hair moisturized.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit