Blizzard recently announced that since December 3rd, World of Warcraft Classic players can enter Naxxramas. For this World of Warcraft Classic Gold upcoming raid, many players have made sufficient preparations. There are also some people who are surprised by the news and are still thinking about how to prepare for this event.

If you are a new player, in addition to being adequately prepared, you also need to have a lot of WOW Classic Gold. Now it has been less than a month since the arrival of Naxxramas. Under the current circumstances, there is not only no time to maximize the character, but also no time to grow gold. There is no so-called catch-up mechanism in World of Warcraft, so the way to help players is to buy WOW Classic Gold directly.

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In "World of Warcraft", all other raids are similar. You need to complete the harmonic finding task before you can enter Naxxramas. This is one of the simplest coordination tasks in the game. However, if you do not have enough reputation in Argent Dawn to make its price lower, then you will spend a lot of money.

You need to get the honor of the faction to accept the coordination mission called "Dread Castle-Naxxramas". You need to hand in various amounts of gold and materials to the Archmage Angela Dosantos of the Holy Wish Church in Eastern Plaguelands before you can complete the task.