According to the GST file returns in electronic city GSTR-3B returns are mandatory to be filed all the months of the year by every taxpayer till the 20th of each next month. Even though this is an almost easier and simpler form and there is much less range for mistakes. But an error in figuring out the purchases, sales, input, and output taxes is very usual. Many a time the individual misses some purchase or sale to take into the concern.


There is no theory of revision of return in GST. GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 cannot be revised if it is filed once. Any mistake made in GSTR-3B is to be identified in the GSTR-3B of the month in which such mistakes come to your awareness.


But such mistakes cannot be corrected after the due date of filing the return of September of next fiscal year. Please note that the word declared is the due date of filing GSTR-3B of September and not the actual date of filing. You can also not correct such mistakes if the annual return for that fiscal year is already filed by you.


For this financial year, you can correct any mistakes or take input tax credit till the due date of filing return for March next year.


GST filing Consultants in Electronic city we have each and every possible error and their suitable solutions let us go through it.


Situation 1 – What do you have to do if you had forgotten to mention some of your purchases and sales?


As mentioned above, GSTR-3B cannot be revised. Simply there is no choice for revision.


So, henceforth, the only possible solution is to include such sales and purchases in GSTR-3B of that particular month in which it comes to your awareness. But it cannot be included after the time period expires as stated above.


Situation 2 – What to do if you had entered excess input GST or excess output GST.


If you had entered excess output or input GST then you can regulate it in the next month by presenting a smaller amount of output or input GST. An issue may arise when you are unqualified to regulate in the next few months because the amount is not adequate to regulate the excess amount. For example, you had declared IGST of Rs. 50,000 in every month, you are inadequate to modify in next month as the amount in next months is zero. In such a case you can submit the amount in “ITC Reversed – Any other reason”.


Situation 3 – What if you make the payment of IGST is made instead of SGST or CGST or vice-versa?


GST filing Services in Electronic city we have cash balances of CGST, SCGST, IGST cannot be modified by themselves. In other words, cash payment is made for the one type of GST that payment can be used only for liability of that particular type.


This problem appeared mainly in cases where an individual is purchasing goods from interstate and selling intrastate. In such cases sometimes an individual calculates their own tax liability and split it by two to compute the amount payable for SGST and CGST. The person never minds that IGST is first set off from CGST and then from SGST. Therefore, the amount of CGST payable may be small than the amount of SGST payable.


If a person has made such excess payment of any particular type of GST, then it is best to use that amount in the upcoming month. If you think that you are inadequate to use that amount in the near future, then you can make a refund.


Situation 4 – What to enter in table 3.2 if there is a sales return in a province and therefore sales are negative for that province?


In case for an example, you have inter-state sales of Rs. 5,000. As per this, sales to Delhi are Rs. 6,000 and a sales return of Rs. 1,000 from West Bengal. In table 3.1 you have to submit the numeral integers of sales as 5,000. In this table 3.2, you have to submit sales to Delhi as 6,000, but you cannot submit the harmful sales to West Bengal. Also, there is a authenticate that the IGST amount in table 3.2 cannot be more than IGST sales in table 3.1. Therefore, the only possible way is to submit sales of Rs. 6,000 in table 3.1 and 3.2 both and rearrange the negative amount (sales return) in next month in which there is a sale in West Bengal.


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