Let’s face it, professions have always been an integral part of World of Warcraft. Logically, Battle of Azeroth makes no exception, whether it’s about preparing for a brand-new raid or simply for acquiring lots of WOW Gold Classic . And as you’ve probably already guessed, today’s post is all about the WoW BfA Best Professions for straight up gold!


Professions for farming Dungeons & Raids

For your transmog farming toon, you can choose between tailoring, enchanting and engineering. Tailoring gives you Cloth Scavenging which will give you more cloth. Enchanting is for disenchanting BoPs and other items. Engineering is for the Loot-a-Rang if you like using that when farming. Personally, I have tailoring and enchanting.

Gathering Professions

If you want easy fast gold though, then gathering professions (mining & herbalism) are good choices.

You will mostly be running current content zones and gathering whatever you find.

A lot of people ask about good routes to farm when doing these professions, but there really are no special routes to run. If a route is posted online then that area will quickly be overpopulated with people gathering. The best way to go about it is to get the Gathermate addon and spend a few hours gathering all over the zone. You will then get acquainted with the entire zone and where the different herbs or ore spawn, and you will get several of your own routes you can take depending on if there are other players competing with you for the nodes.

Crafting Professions

Concerning crafting professions I will keep it as short as possible. All you need to know to make a profit with any crafting profession is how to use TSM.

You should also check out The Lazy Goldmaker – Battle for Azeroth Spreadsheet if you want to make gold with BFA crafting.

There are basically three screens in the TSM crafting UI that you need to know your way around to make gold.

The Best Professions in WoW to Make Lots of Gold

While some players might argue that choosing the best profession is subjective. However, when it comes to the ones that have the most significant gold-earning potential in Legion, there’s really no way to be subjective.


Alchemy is great because not only can you sell potions, elixirs, flasks and more in the late game, but you can also sell them while you are leveling up. Classic WoW is pretty difficult, so players will buy potions even while they are grinding levels in the game. This means a lot of the stuff you end up crafting to upgrade the profession will be easily sold on the Auction House. Another positive for Alchemy is that you can sell in bulk. You can mass make the potions and sell them for big gold. This is made easier early on when the AH is flooded with cheap herbs that you can buy and then turn into profits! Not only do you have all of the various potions, you also have the ability to transmute things which sell very well on the market.


This is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward professions in World of Warcraft and it also happens to be an incredibly profitable one. It’s not much different in Legion and if you fancy roaming the Broken Isles for herbs, here are a few ones that you can gather and then sell on the AH for profit:

Starlight Rose

Found in: Suramar, Broken Isles

Average price on the AH (per piece): 39 gold


Found in: Highmountain, Broken Isles

Average price on the AH (per piece): 15 gold

Astral Glory

Found in: Mac’Aree (Argus)

Average price on the AH (per piece): 15 gold


Found in: Stormheim, Broken Isles

Average price on the AH (per piece): 14 gold

And if you’d like to increase your herb-gathering speed and subsequently your gold-earning potential from Herbalism, then consider taking advantage of these 3 items:

Demonsteel stirrups

Stonehide Leather Barding

Leystone Hoofplates

Tailoring & Enchanting

These two professions can be very lucrative when paired together. You can craft a bunch of Tailoring stuff and disenchant it with Enchanting and give yourself a bunch of valuable dust that can be used to either enchant things or sell on the Auction House. Tailoring can also be very valuable for crafting bags, which are useful for players leveling and for max level players looking to expand their inventory. Tailoring also has the ability to create Bolts of Runecloth which are valuable for a lot of powerful Tailoring recipes.

Blacksmithing, Engineering, etc.

As mentioned above, always keep an eye on the market for bargains on the stuff you need to buy. Keep notes on costs and if the items sold are worth your effort.

Blacksmiths look into making rods for enchanters. You might be surprised at how much they sell for on the AH. Also look into buckles, spikes, chains (weapon enchants,) and keys. Cataclysm PvP gear and some other gear sets can do nice things for your bank account. Pandaria PvP and gear sets are rather expensive to make and are slow sellers.

Blacksmiths and leatherworkers can both make gear sets and items for transmogging.

Most crafters can make gear that can be boosted and ilevel and can make the items to do the boosting. The latter generally sell for a pretty nice profit.

Leatherworkers have a few bits, as well, especially with the Cataclysm recipes. As with the other crafts, PvP gear sells well and is relatively cheap to make, except for the M of P recipes.

Engineers don’t have much until you hit the really high levels and the sellable items tend to be expensive to build. Also, many engie items require engineering skill to use, so are pretty much “self-only.”

Jewelcrafters can prospect ores for gems (and sell them) and cut gems for profits and tips, as well as make a few nice items. Hard to find gems and raid only gems can be cut and sold for very nice profits. Some of the epic gems might take awhile to sell, though. Note that some consider Jewelcrafting to be a very profitable profession.

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