Imagine a ride with those springs and hydraulic arrangements? Yuck, it would be painful. Suspension is something that not only absorbs the endulations of the road but also makes you feel planted in the vehicle. It not only gives you comfort but also helps in maintaining the rigidity of your vehicle. It’s something really important and can’t be overlooked at any cost.

Evolution of suspension systems

Suspension systems have never ever been this capable to give you a smooth ride. They have actually come a long way to offer you a ride quality that feels like you are not riding at all. The paradigm shift to the suspension setup actually came after the introduction of air bag suspension systems in which an airbag of cushion replaces the existing springs to give you a more planted feel. It started with leaf springs and then it moved to coil springs and now with air cushions, the maneuvering in off road situations have been highly impressive as the inflation of the cushions can lift the car to the required height and let you achieve the required ground clearance.

The next-gem thing

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